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This season millions road trip home to see their families and friends and celebrate the holidays. Between decorating the house, holiday shopping and coordinating your travel plans, the last thing on your mind is what to pack for the journey home. No worries — we…

New this Week

Meet the New Hanging Organizer Collection

Our designers are passionate about how our customers travel. Every traveler has a different packing style that varies by destination and trip length. Last fall, we recognized this customer need and expanded our Weekender Collection to include 3 sizes — the classic Weekender, plus a…

Introducing VB Original: Create Your Own
Customized Bag

Choosing a new handbag goes beyond your typical shopping trip. Selecting the perfect style to fit your needs, in a color or pattern that you love is more than just a purchase — it’s an experience. Now we’re making that experience even more special by…

New Pattern Sneak Peek:
Holiday Owls – Winter 2018

The release of our next pattern isn’t like any other. In fact, our holiday pattern is perhaps our most anticipated print of the year. We love to keep you guessing about what the latest little critter frolicking about on a festive pattern will be. We’ve…


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