Meet the Only Work Tote You’ll Ever Need

Let’s face it — going to work is much more than just a means of getting a paycheck. You spend more time at the office than at home, including plenty of time commuting. Between hauling your laptop and other work necessities to and from the office each day, you’re also bringing a lunch bag, gym bag and purse. It’s easy to become the “bag lady” of the office when you spend so much of your week there — well, until now.

Our designers have been tweaking and perfecting every detail of our new Iconic Work Tote for months, ensuring that it’s the best work bag EVER. It’s a bold claim, but we’d like to think it’s pretty accurate! Our Iconic Work Tote includes unique features designed specifically for 9 to 5 (and beyond).

We chatted with the designer, Kim, to find out what exactly makes this tote the perfect work bag.

Tell us a little about some of the key features on the Iconic Work Tote!
“There are two high-capacity slip pockets and three slip pockets on one side and a long secure zipper on the other side. The laptop compartment is placed in the center and reinforced on the side seams to keep the bag sturdier (so it won’t tip over!). It can hold up to a 15” laptop, too. Even though the bag is comfortable and soft, there is still some body to it.”

Other than the perfectly placed laptop compartment, what makes this the perfect work bag?
“The Iconic Work Tote holds just enough to fit everything you need, but it’s also not too large where it would be difficult to carry. It’s just the right size and looks professional. It’s streamlined and feminine with subtle design details like sleek French binding and smooth faux-metal zippers, tapered straps that will stay on your shoulder and a handy cell phone pocket.”
What inspired you to design a bag for professionals?
“We were inspired by what she may need to carry her items throughout the day. Many of our customers also use their work bags for travel, so we added a special trolley sleeve to the back so she can slip it over her rolling luggage while commuting or in the airport. This trolley sleeve can zip up into a pocket when not in use. The Iconic Work Tote has all of the work-appropriate function she needs with the versatility she wants to coordinate with her wardrobe.”

If someone wants to give this tote as a gift, who would it be perfect for?
“It would be a great graduation gift. It’s great for all ages because of the clean details — there’s a timeliness to its classic, yet updated design.”
What is your favorite feature of the Iconic Work Tote?
“I love the size. As simple as that sounds, it’s hard to find a bag that fits what’s needed and not any more.”

We understand that everyone doesn’t have the same requirements in a work tote. Teachers have very unique needs for their work bag, so we rounded up three teacher-approved bags to help you choose the right one.


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