Fall 2019 Sweepstakes: Win a Back-to-School Prize Pack

Whether you’re about to head back to campus or your school days are long behind you, there is something about the fall that always gets us in that back-to-school mindset! With August around the corner, you’re ready to hit reset and welcome in the optimism the school year brings. We want to help you be your best, most organized self, regardless if you’re going back to school this fall. That’s why we’re surprising 10 lucky Grand Prize Winners with everything they need to feel organized and prepared for the exciting season ahead.

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Off You Go Sweepstakes

grand prize

Ten lucky Grand Prize Winners will receive a gift set filled with the ultimate back-to-school essentials, including our bestselling Iconic Campus Backpack with accessories and organizers to match ($485 value each).

the essentials

Whether you’re heading to the classroom, campus or your morning commute, there are some items that are essentials no matter where you’re going. Our Iconic Campus Backpack is a favorite for a reason — it’s durable, easy to care for, has plenty of pockets and can hold every necessity (and more). You’ll easily be able to fit your Lunch Bunch inside, along with the All in One Crossbody, which you can use as a wallet during the day and attach the crossbody strap to carry it solo in the evenings. Pop your tumbler and umbrella in the two expandable side pockets and you’re ready to conquer the day! Lastly, you can’t forget the ultimate essential — a Zip ID Case and matching Lanyard. Whether you’re in school or the office, you can’t go anywhere without your ID. Slip this into the front zip pocket of your backpack and off you go!


the accessories

When we said that our Campus Backpack could fit ALL of the necessities, we weren’t joking. Our Laptop Organizer will keep your laptop and charger safe and can be slipped into the back compartment for easy access. In the main compartment you can neatly tuck away your notebook, planner and pencil pouch — all in coordinating patterns, of course. Before you zip up your backpack, don’t forget your Iconic Cord Organizer (AKA – the ultimate tech accessory). This small organizer keeps your cords, chargers and drives neat and even has a snap tab for your headphones (hello, tangle-free cords!). Now that you’re all packed up, you’re ready to face the day more organized than ever.


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  1. Rebecca said on :

    I love vera bradley bags i have alot if them

  2. Barbara said on :

    I love my Vera Bradley large tote bag, wallet, and large travel bag! The colors and designs are beautiful!

  3. Patricia said on :

    I sent two messages about my order and that granddaughter wanted water bouquet and for some reason my order showed mint flowers. I need the other bookbag for her.
    Patricia Beckett

  4. Maggie said on :

    Great idea.

  5. Marie said on :

    I LOVE VB. I am a retired teacher of 31 years who still substitutes at times. I also work as a tour guide in Mansfield, MO at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homes and Museum. I have noticed a correlation between Laura fans and Vera fans. A good portion of our guests are carrying Vera purses and/or totes. I always comment that we who are fans of both have very good tasts.

  6. Carmen Slayton said on :

    I have so many Vera Bradley bags beach towels, and blankets and love all of them

  7. Rita Dyess said on :

    I love the pattern. Lavender is my favorite color. Would love to have this set

  8. Marian said on :

    I love my Vera Bradley bags!

  9. Vicki said on :

    I love Vera Bradley.

  10. Trina said on :

    I love Vera Bradley !!

  11. Tommye said on :

    Love all of everything that is Vera Bradley !!💝💝💝

  12. Tina said on :

    Just wanted to say that your beautiful functional pieces have always been my favorite go to. I own several retired patterns. Nothing new within a few years, but I still use them all frequently. Thanks Vera❤

  13. Dee said on :

    Love all my Vera Bradley items!!

  14. Lisa said on :

    I love that paisley pattern!!!

  15. Natalie said on :

    Love the new backpack design!

  16. Jodye Stewart said on :

    I love Vera Bradley. I own several pieces and give them as gifts. Beautiful accessories for any girl or Lady💞

  17. Betty said on :

    Beautiful gifts!!!

  18. StacyParker said on :

    Loving the new Makani Paisley pattern and colors!

  19. sharon said on :

    i bought many of your items and love them. they last forever.

  20. Pamela said on :

    I love the designs and the beautiful colors. My mother buys Vera Wang products and loves them so now I have to carryon the traditions!

  21. Andrea Capparelli said on :

    I am SO excited for this sweepstakes! I am returning to teaching after having kids and my daughter is starting school all at the same time. We would love to start the school year in style!!!

  22. Ruth said on :

    would love to win this prize

  23. Carrie said on :

    Love vera Bradley and I love this pattern! I buy vera Bradley every chance I can but living on a fixed income you cant do it as much as you wish you could!!! I absolutely love your products!!!

  24. Lorelei said on :

    Would love to win one of these great bags!

  25. You’ll love the Sunday Scoop Giveaway page today. It’s so tasty – LargeBeauty said on :

    […] Vera Bradley  –  Ten lucky Grand Prize Winners will receive a gift set filled with the ultimate back-to-school essentials, including our bestselling Iconic Campus Backpack with accessories and organizers to match. US […]

  26. You’ll love the Sunday Scoop Giveaway page today. It’s so tasty – traveling tips said on :

    […] Vera Bradley  –  Ten lucky Grand Prize Winners will receive a gift set filled with the ultimate back-to-school essentials, including our bestselling Iconic Campus Backpack with accessories and organizers to match. US […]

  27. Glenda said on :

    Just bought my granddaughter her Vera Bradley backpack for her freshman year. She used her previous one for 2 years.

  28. Jane said on :

    I love Vera Bradley! They have beautiful colors and great new styles! The thing I love is they are constantly coming out with new products! I love Vera Bradley!!

  29. Rachel said on :

    Hope to win!!!

  30. Sarah said on :

    Thanks in advance for the opportunity! Gorgeous and awe inspiring set!

  31. Cathy said on :

    I love Vera Bradley. I have several pieces of her merchandise

    Cathy harkness

  32. Khrys said on :

    In the august download I received via email this am, there was a pink corduroy bag in the first picture, is that available?

  33. debora said on :

    love the new makani paisley print. it’s soothing to look at and if you’re a lover of lilac/blue colors this is the print for you!

  34. Jane said on :

    I am Know as Ms Vera Bradley! For any occasion I give Vera Bradley!! I really don’t know anyone that would not rather receive Vera Bradley than Flowers when you are in the Hospital! They have such a wide range of Colors & Styles to choose from! Yes you can buy for Men, Children and even that Friend that has Everything! I even have a Special Closet that I keep Vera Bradley in so if I forget someone B-Day or something I am prepared! I also keep those Beautiful Bags to put my gift in that way they are receiving 2 gifts! I love Vera Bradley!!

  35. Hannah said on :

    I think you should do giveaways every month with a randomly picked state. This would mean only entries from that state for the giveaway would be accepted. It would give more people a chance at actually winning versus the 50,000 people who are entered into the back to school giveaway who think they have no chance. You could put names of places that Vera Bradley is shipped to or can be purchased in a bucket and when you draw out the place, all entries for the giveaway can only come from that place. Then you could do giveaways specially tailored to their lifestyle. Such as Kentucky for instance, you could do horse patterns since we are known for horses and our farms. I hope you get to read this and it isn’t too confusing, thank you!

  36. Erica said on :

    I would love to win this I have never owned a Vera Bradley in my life

  37. Lisa said on :

    VB has the best products ever! Can’t get enough VB!!!

  38. Marilyn said on :

    I have collecting VB for years for myself, my two daughters, my 6 (yes) granddaughters and 2 daughter in laws and this new pattern is at the top of the list in “gorgeous” patterns. Am contemplating adding it to my stash . VB has traveled in many countries around the world, used at college, used for honeymoons, used for hospital trips, and practically anything else u can think of. Wonderful wonderful

  39. Evelyn said on :


  40. Sandra said on :

    Vera Bradley purses etc. are the only purses I have bought since they first came out. (don’t remember the year). Love them. I buy the purses on line or at your outlet. Hope you never stop making them! Sandra

  41. Becca said on :

    Will Vera Bradley notify us if we have won the contest?

  42. Leya said on :

    Will the winners be posted for all yo see?

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