We Need Your Help Designing Our Next Backpack

You have always been our greatest source of inspiration. Each season, when we go to concept new styles and features, your wants and needs are always at the forefront. Although we just released our full backpack collection for this school year, we’re already thinking ahead to next year!

We want to offer the best backpack ever, so we need your input! Help us create the ultimate backpack by voting for your favorite components, ranging from interior pocket layout to the strap structure. Our designers will use the winning components to build our next beloved backpack for 2020. Make your voice heard and vote in all five categories below.

Still need a backpack for this year? Our handy backpack comparison guide can help you decide which style best fits your needs!

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  1. Emily said on :

    I don’t think the backpack needs a redesign. The biggest problem for me Was when you combined the Camps and Tech Backpacks so that it was one pack containing a laptop compartment. Many people use a backpack for travel but don’t use a laptop. That giant zippered laptop compartment wastes a lot of space if you’re not using one. Would love to see the Campus Backpack have a custom option (maybe just available online or to order through a store) where you could have it made with or without the laptop compartment. I love this backpack, but it’s the reason I don’t use it to travel. Please consider this, as you could option more options to people instead of just churning out “new designs” with the same features. Just improve on the near perfect one you have!!

  2. Michelle said on :

    The new backpack design & options are interesting. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. However, what’s up with the metal zippers?! I prefer the regular zippers. They are smooth & reliable & subtle (in this case, navy blue). If the zippers shown are like the VBU backpack then meh, but ok. If the zippers are like the horrible one currently on the front pocket of the campus backpack then NO NO NO!!!

  3. Peggy said on :

    An RFID pocket on one of the interior areas of back packs would be a good idea… maybe the one closes to the body where thieves are less likely to steal from but will still protect from folks walking by to try to electronically ‘steal’ info…. A feature like that makes your bags more attractive to me.

  4. GrandmaLady said on :

    Have you thought about having a built in rain jacket with hood attached to the back of the backpack? It would be perfect for those sudden rain showers one is not expecting.

  5. Doris M said on :

    Thanks for letting your customers and future customers share in this decision.

  6. Doris M said on :

    Your backpacks are already fantastic and you’re going to raise the bar for everyone to try and do better for all who carry backppacks.

  7. Donna said on :

    I use your backpack when traveling for work. As such, my current favorite is your lighten up grande backpack, but it could be improved. My favorite and MOST REQUIRED features are a WIDE luggage strap (trolley sleeve), be made of WATER RESISTANT fabric, have SEPARATE & PROTECTED laptop compartment, have WIDE VERY CUSHIONED shoulder straps, and MUST HAVE 2 SIDE POCKETS that are DEEP & OPEN (but SECURE WITH STRETCHY TOP SO BOTTLES DON’T FALL OUT)!!! The backpack must also be at least 8 inches deep (or more). More useful and zippered pockets would be nice, along with an attached lanyard with a clip (for keys and such). But PLEASE, NO MORE METAL ZIPPERS – hate them!!! Go back to the good zippers you used to use – they were reliable and didn’t scratch up your hands. Also, please provide backpacks with more solid colors or even professional looking patterns (like Chevron, color block, geometric patterns, etc.) with mostly neutral colors in the water resistant fabric for the working professional. Thank you!!!!

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