7 Must-Have Items You’ll Use All Summer Long

Swimming, sunbathing and kayaking are just a few summer must-dos. Naturally, there are some must-haves to go along with these activities. As we move away from spring, the essentials we wear each day or carry everywhere change drastically. From flip flops to beach towels, we’ve got you covered this summer with seven must-have items you’ll use non-stop this season and beyond.



iconic ditty bag

It’s no surprise this classic style made the list. We could tell you that it’s perfect for carrying your wet swimsuit or an extra pair of flip flops, but quite frankly the limit does not exist for all the ways you can use the Iconic Ditty Bag (we’ve actually come up with 50 ways to use it in this blog post). For the ditty bag, we leave it up to you for the best way to use it during the summer!



flip flops

Flip flops are the shoe of the summer simply because of their ease. Walking to the pool? Throw on your flip flops. Heading out for a quick ice cream run? Throw on your flip flops. Taking a nice evening stroll? Throw on your flips flops. The best part of our flip flops are the various patterns they come in so you can add a pop of color to any summer outfit.



beach towel

The only thing better than our flip flops are our beach towels. If there was an award for best beach towel, we’re confident ours would take the cake! We’re big fans of these towels because of their generous size and bright colors. These towels stand the test of time summer after summer, washing well and maintaining their soft feel and vibrant hue.



large duffel

You know her, you love her, it’s the Iconic Large Travel Duffel. This simple yet spacious silhouette is your rock as you take on every summer adventure this year and for many to come. No matter if you’re enjoying a quick weekend at the lake or lengthy road trip, this duffel makes traveling a breeze.



beach cosmetic

It’s inevitable that you’re going to make a splash at the pool, lake or beach this summer. Wherever you’re headed, our Beach Cosmetic will be a lifesaver. While it can hold those usual summer essentials like sunscreen, we like to put our phone, keys and wallet in the Beach Cosmetic to keep them protected from the water.


lighten up zip id and lanyard

If an ID case and lanyard aren’t summer essentials, then we don’t know what are! Our Lighten Up Zip ID Case is our go-to for concerts, errands and everything in between. It’s light while still managing to carry your ID, cards and even a little cash. Attach your ID case to our lanyard and you’re ready to go anywhere.



campus backpack

It’s no surprise that a backpack made our top seven essentials. We like to opt for a more spacious style like the Iconic Campus Backpack for the summertime, so we can always be prepared. This backpack can be your work bag during the week and your adventurous sidekick on the weekend as you head out on a hike, day-trip and anywhere in between.


That big summer trip calls for a travel bag tailored to your excursion. Take our quiz to discover the bag that’s perfect for your upcoming adventure.


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