5 Unique Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your Big Day Extra Special

We’re not scientists, but we’re pretty sure there is a direct correlation between your age and the number of weddings you attend each year. As you’ve gotten older, more and more weekends are completely booked with weddings, bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Sound familiar? You’ve been in your share of weddings in various roles from maid of honor to bridesmaid, but now it’s finally your turn to walk down the aisle. With every ceremony that passes, you’ve taken note of what traditions you like and which you’d skip for your own day. The countdown until “I do” is officially on, but there’s still some time to decide anything special you want to do on or before the big day. We chatted with a few of our associates to find out what unique wedding traditions they love, tried for themselves or are planning to do for their upcoming nuptials!


last girlfriends sleepover

Everyone knows that the bride and groom stay separate the night before the wedding, but the bride shouldn’t have to stay alone! We love Public Relations Specialist, Jenna’s long-standing tradition of the “last” girlfriends sleepover with her besties.

“Over the years of marrying off each of our best friends, we started and kept alive the tradition of the ‘last sleepover’ the night before each girl’s wedding! After the fun festivities of the rehearsal and dinner we all packed our large duffels and headed to the bride’s house for our final slumber parties! This lasted four years as each girl got married. So many laughs and memories were made those nights before the big day! HIGHLY recommend to all brides and their tribes!”



bridal party breakfast

User Experience Designer, Yoko, and her husband Chad decided to start the day off with their entire wedding party. They threw a bridal party breakfast with a special twist. Don’t worry — Chad played chef so Yoko never actually saw him until their big reveal that afternoon!

“French Toast will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first meal Chad cooked for me (and it might secretly be one of the top reasons I fell for him)! For any big milestone that we have hit in our relationship, it has always been the meal we celebrate with and our wedding day was no different! We wanted to share the special meal with our best friends and parents to kick off our wedding day in the best way possible.”



an emotional tribute

Although weddings are a joyous occasion, they can bring up a lot of emotions when thinking of those who are no longer around to celebrate with you. Facilities Services Manager, Thom, and his husband Nathan, knew they wanted to honor their mothers, who both had passed prior to the wedding.

“During our ceremony, when often times the mothers would light a unity candle for the couple, we chose to instead honor all women in attendance with a white carnation (both of our mothers’ favorite flower). We also wore keepsakes of our mothers during the wedding — a piece of jewelry for him and my mother’s charm bracelet sewn into my tie.”



love letters (for later)

It’s becoming a more common tradition for couples to write each other notes to read before the ceremony, however we think this idea might be even better! Social Media Specialist, Kaylee, is planning a twist on the classic pre-ceremony love letters for her wedding this fall.

“I’ve had a few friends write each other letters on the morning of their wedding day to swap with their spouse. Instead of reading it before the ceremony, you save them to read on your one-year anniversary. I think it will be really special to relive that day again through his words and thoughts from the biggest day of our lives.”



it’s a family affair

When you get married, you’re not just gaining a life partner, but also an entirely new family. We love the idea of writing letters, so you can involve them even more in your big day by writing them special notes like Digital Analyst, Marlies, did with her husband.

“A wedding doesn’t just connect a bride and groom together forever, but it intertwines their families. My husband and I wrote letters to each other’s family members the day before our wedding to express our commitment and unconditional love for each other and our growing family.”


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