3 Ways to Throw the Best Bachelorette Party Ever

Bridal showers and engagement parties are nice, but everyone knows the bachelorette party is hands-down the most fun tradition of all! It’s her final hurrah with all of her best girlfriends before heading down the aisle. This weekend getaway should be easy, breezy and fun, which ironically can require some planning beforehand. No matter if you’re the maid-of-honor or an all-star bridesmaid handling every last detail for the bachelorette party, we have three easy tips that’ll ensure your soiree is one you and your guests will never forget!

get personal

You can’t throw a party without party favors. You definitely don’t need to spend a ton on bachelorette party favors to make everyone feel special. A touch as simple as a gift tag can really pull it all together. These gift tags we’ve created look adorable when paired with a fun, patterned tumbler.


choose a theme

No matter if the bride is obsessed with tropical vibes or simply loves florals and paisleys (we can relate), take things up a notch and give her bachelorette party a theme. Whatever your theme may be, apply it to everything from games to decorations. Let your guests in on it, too so they can dress up or bring a gift along to match.

games games games

There should always be games for the bride and her party enjoy. Some games are certainly better than others, so we suggest a bachelorette scavenger hunt. First, you’ll want to separate the bridal party into two teams. Whoever is in charge of the party will come up with a list of things for the two teams to complete. Activities can range from buying the bride a drink to bringing home something blue. At the end of the night, total up how many items on the list the teams checked off and the team with the most points wins.

Still on the prowl for the perfect gift for the bride? We’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Bridal Gift Guide.


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