Four Trip Ideas for the New Graduate

Graduating shouldn’t go unnoticed. It’s a huge moment, no matter where a student’s headed after high school or college. So once they’ve taken that final exam, they should celebrate this huge accomplishment and milestone! Our favorite way to do just that is by traveling. Between graduation and starting their next chapter is the perfect time to take a trip with the graduate in your life. We’ve rounded up our top destinations (and the perfect bag for your trip, obvi) and we’re sharing them here!


destination: yosemite national park
travel sidekick: lighten up grand backpack

For the graduate who wants soul-searching and a solo trip all wrapped up in one, Yosemite National Park is the perfect destination. There’s nothing quite like exploring the great outdoors on your own, while seeing some of the United States’ most amazing mountains. On your long hikes, you’ll need a dependable backpack to carry your water, snacks and more, which is why we love the Lighten Up Grand Backpack. We especially love that the Lighten Up Grand Backpack is water-repellent so your things stay dry when you’re hiking near waterfalls!



destination: washington d.c.
travel sidekick: weekender travel bag

If you’re wanting a quick celebratory trip to a place with a million and one things to do then Washington D.C. is the place for you. It’s a city you can easily manage in a long weekend with so many museums (several of which are free to visit) and great eats! Since you can do D.C. in a shorter amount of time, we suggest the Weekender Travel Bag for something that’s spacious yet compact so you’re only packing the essentials.


destination: florence, italy
travel sidekick: large hardside spinner

For the college graduate, this will likely be your last vacation before heading into the work world. So for that reason we recommend a big trip! Take things up a notch and travel to Florence, Italy where the views are almost as amazing as the pasta. For an international flight, there’s no competing with our Large Hardside Spinner for your travel bag. It’ll leave plenty of room for souvenirs and it’s durable enough to go anywhere.

destination: bahamas
travel sidekick: lighten up foldable rolling duffel

Perhaps you’re a graduate looking for a little more relaxation in your post-grad trip. We completely understand, which is why we also recommend the Bahamas. There’s plenty to do from snorkeling and sunset sailing to swimming and sun bathing. You’ll obviously need room for shoes, switching from sneakers for city excursions to sandals for the beach, which is why we love the under compartment of the Lighten Up Foldable Rolling Duffel to help your clothes stay clean and organized!



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