Our Top Eight Gifts for Recent College Grads

Graduating from college is perhaps the biggest transition of all. It’s a bittersweet time, when you’re saying goodbye to exams (yay!) and three months long summer breaks (booo!) while also saying hello to the work world. The college grad in your life is moving into a fresh phase of life that demands new needs. This is why we’ve rounded-up our top 10 gifts that any college graduate will constantly use post-grad.



Large Hardside Spinner

Post-graduate life is surprisingly filled with travel excursions. From business trips to long weekends visiting friends across the country, they’ll need dependable luggage that won’t slow them down. The Large Hardside Spinner lends all the space she could possibly need for any trip in her future.



Weekly To-Do Notepad

Organization isn’t something that ends with school. More than ever, a recent college graduate will need our Weekly To-Do Notepad to stay on top of everything from paying rent and grocery shopping to polishing her resume and prepping for next week’s job interview.



Carryall Small Tote

This style might just be our #1 pick for a college graduate headed into the business world. No matter if she’s walking into an interview or her first day on the job, she needs a reliable work tote and that’s the Carryall Small Tote. This style fits everything from her pens and notebooks to her phone and laptop, while looking ultra-sleek in professional in our Gallatin leather.



Commuter Tote

For the graduate who’s going to be on the move a lot for work, we’d recommend the Commuter Tote. This spacious tote includes a laptop compartment and multiple interior and exterior pockets to hold her passport, charger and more. Best of all, it has a trolley sleeve so it sits perfectly on top of her rolling luggage.




Iconic Lay Flat Duffel Bag

For those weekend road trips, she’ll need a compact travel bag that fits the essentials. The Iconic Lay Flat Duffel Bag fits that bill. This style completely unzips so she can use every last inch of the Lay Flat Duffel when packing.



Iconic Hanging Organizer

The Iconic Hanging Organizer is the gift you can always count on to be a homerun. No matter if she uses her Hanging Organizer to carry her make-up, toiletries, or jewelry, it’s a piece that she’ll use every day and on every trip.




Fleece Travel Blanket

As she visits old friends and travels for work, the journey can get chilly. The Fleece Travel Blanket is the perfect, compact piece she can leave in the car or pack along for a cold plane ride.



Iconic Lunch Bunch

Newbies to the work place will learn quickly that packing your lunch is a must. Not only do so many colleagues pack their lunch, but it’s also an extremely easy way to avoid spending money. Plus, who doesn’t want to bring lunch to work when they’re packing in a lunch pail as bright as the Iconic Lunch Bunch  in Mint Flowers?!


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