Behind the Seams: The Sling Backpack


We often associate certain bags with a particular occasion. Traveling home for the holidays requires dependable luggage, seaside vacays call for a water-repellent beach bag and carrying a hands-free belt bag is the only way to tailgate.

 However, we rarely acknowledge that perfect bag you carry around all summer long. We believe that ideal style for every kind of summertime excursion – from kayaking to bike rides – is our new Sling Backpack.

This silhouette that assistant designer Shruti created is unlike anything we’ve ever made before in a compact size with all the compartments you could ever need for your everyday bag. We sat down with Shruti to find out why the Sling Backpack is the “it” bag this summer.


fresh look

Backpacks are no longer just for school and this style proves just that. The Sling Backpack comes in our cotton and Lighten Up fabrications giving you options, but best of all is the size. Shruti designed this style with a single strap that’s adjustable and connected by a buckle. Better yet are features like the D-ring on the top of the bag that Shruti says you can use to place your bag on a door hook or to hang a fun key charm.


compartments on compartments

The Sling Backpack is slim and sleek, but don’t be fooled, it can carry all of your essentials and more. There are four zippered compartments on this sidekick. The main compartment is large enough to hold a small notebook or even a sweater. In the compartment right above, there are pen slips and an additional slip pocket that’s large enough to fit your phone charger.



The front vertical zipper can hold any other small essentials you may want to bring along. Finally, Shruti says the exterior zip pocket on the back of the backpack is large enough to hold a cellphone or a large wallet. The opening of the back pocket is always against your body making it super secure.


carry it your way

Just like you, we’re always switching up our look, which is why the Sling Backpack was designed to be versatile. You can sling this backpack over your head to sit on your back with the strap across your chest. However, when you’re in busier cities or crowds of people you can wear the strap across your back with the bag sitting on your chest for that extra layer of security.


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It’s easy to keep your Sling Backpack looking fresh and new with these simple steps for cleaning your handbag.



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  1. Mary Beth said on :

    Is this sling back RFID protected

  2. Pamela said on :

    Love it, I’ve been looking at 2 different bags and I believe this just might do for one of them and do double duty as a purse at the same time!
    Very Cool!

  3. Tami D said on :

    When will VB start adding a foldaway/zip away water bottle side pocket or compartment on their bags? It’s essential. I buy many VB bags and accessories but Lug beats you in that department. Plus Lug always has a dedication cell phone softlined pocket in front. I often buy Lug over VB just for those two features though I prefer VB.

  4. Carol said on :

    Dies this come in the Disney print?

  5. Nicole said on :

    I have several mailbags but you changed the style and I am not a fan. Can the sling backpack hold everything the mailbag can?

  6. Melissa G said on :

    Need in different colors!

  7. Tracy said on :

    I really love it!! I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis so it’s getting too hard to keep one on my shoulder. The only thing that would make it “perfect” would be a place for a water bottle as I constantly need to carry one. Thank you for your time.

  8. Carrie said on :

    Lacks two water bottle side pouches.

  9. Kerin said on :

    Bought the Lighten Up style in Mint Flowers last week as a birthday present to myself. Took it on a field trip with my son’s middle school yesterday. It was nearly perfect. Held phone, charger brick, snacks, notebook, wallet, and some “emergency” supplies such as Band-Aids, Tums and kleenex (I like to be prepared!). I do agree that a water bottle holder would be a good addition; I had mine in the main compartment but had to place it strategically so it didn’t sweat on stuff that shouldn’t get wet.

  10. Julie Hill said on :

    Just love the slingback. Exactly the right size.

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