How-to: Fold the Fleece Travel Blanket

If we had to choose just one item that can make your long flight exponentially more comfortable, it would be our Fleece Travel Blanket. This soft blanket is the perfect travel buddy since it folds up neatly into a pillow, making it great for flights and road trips. The Fleece Travel Blanket has long been a fan favorite, but we listened to your feedback and realized that it wasn’t obvious how to fold it back up. That changes today! Learn how to fold your Fleece Travel Blanket in under 30 seconds with this quick tutorial.


lay the blanket flat on a surface with the pouch on the bottom




fold lengthwise toward the top, then repeat folding the top toward the bottom


flip over onto itself three times





turn it over so the pouch is on top


reach in and turn it inside out





flip it over and repeat

All done! So easy, right?


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  1. Anh said on :

    You need to do something to make the blanket easier to fold back up without a table or without a lot of space. I can’t take this blanket on flights because it is so hard to fold back up when I’m sitting in my plane seat or even when standing up. I suggest some stitching that would create “lines” for folding. My other travel blanket is a box stitch and is very easy to fold because you are just folding on the stitching. It pretty much folds itself. I could fold it while sitting in my plane seat, or standing up in that tight cramped space. I would imagine even those using this blanket for car trips or hospital waiting rooms would benefit from this. It’s a travel blanket, we won’t have a table to use to fold it back up because we are traveling. 🙂

  2. Deb said on :

    Yea! Thanks for the tutorial!!

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