Vera Bradley + Venus Collection: Available Now at Target

We are so excited to announce our latest collaboration! We’re partnering with Venus for a special-edition collection now available at Target™.

Both Venus and Vera Bradley are brands for women, by women, sharing the common purpose to stand up for women’s aspirations, desires and needs. The Vera Bradley team is committed to creating thoughtful solutions that bring beauty and function to our customer’s day and this partnership will do exactly that.

We are lending our iconic paisley motifs to Venus’ superior product technology to create a beautifully designed and packaged assortment for all of our customers. Our special-edition collection includes custom-designed patterned refillable and disposable razors, razor refills and an ultra-moisturizing shaving gel, all inspired by our Daisy Dot Paisley pattern.

This collection is making its colorful debut online at Target today and will be available in stores on Sunday, April 7. Your weekly (or daily, if you’re like us) Target runs just got a whole lot brighter!

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To celebrate this exciting new collaboration, we’re hosting a special giveaway just in time for your spring travels. Enter the form below for a chance to win a beach gift set including our Drawstring Family Tote, Beach Towel and a Vera Bradley + Venus Designer Razor including 2 razor refills. The best part? There isn’t just one winner this time — 100 lucky entrants will win a beach gift set!

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Vera Bradley + Venus Beach Set Giveaway


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  1. Helen Snipes said on :

    Love the beach print

  2. Jodi said on :

    Love the beach collection

  3. JoAnn Sadowski said on :

    Filled out form but said I did not enter.

  4. Donna said on :

    I love this color and I love Paisley’s put the two together and what a winner.

  5. Holly Miller said on :

    I love Vera Bradley. I will be trying out the new razors!

  6. Laura said on :

    Hello! None of my referral links are working. Can this be fixed?

  7. Melissa said on :

    This is so exciting!!!

  8. Debbie said on :

    I love Vera Bradley”s designs

  9. Donna said on :

    Love your oroducts, bags, and stuff!

  10. Julie said on :

    These are so cute and fun for summer!

  11. Linda said on :

    Love your beach prints this season!!

  12. Margaret said on :

    Love your products! Have a lot of your bags & accessories !

  13. Taylor said on :

    This is awesome! I love the cute paisley print on the razor!!

  14. Pam said on :

    Absolutely Love ❤️ All Vera Bradley Items!

  15. Areege Salman said on :

    Would love to win Vera Bradley beach items. I love the material of the bag. Have 2 of them.

  16. Andrea said on :

    Can’t wait to pick this up at Target

  17. Janet said on :

    Love your items! Keep up the good work! Your patterns make me smile! Thank you!

  18. Laurel said on :

    Love this!!

  19. Kristal said on :

    I adore Vera’s designs.

  20. TERESA said on :

    I love Vera Bradley!

  21. jodi said on :

    Love these designs

  22. Kim Giddens said on :

    I haven’t bought this product before, but would like to try

  23. Tina said on :

    Love the new patterns and colors

  24. Amy said on :

    This looks like a great collaboration

  25. Laura said on :

    Love the new beach collection!

  26. Tonya said on :

    Love anything Vera Bradley!! 😍

  27. Yvette said on :

    I love these! Thanks!

  28. Crystal Anderson said on :

    I am a huge fan of Vera Bradley! I love that I can get their beautiful prints on so many different items!

  29. Sabrina said on :

    Love Vera Bradley!

  30. Carol said on :

    This would be a lovely birthday present for me. Love the paisley pattern!

  31. KATHLEEN said on :

    Have to look your best for the beach! We love the beach!!

  32. Carol said on :

    Love the new shaver. It’s very colorful

  33. Keisha said on :

    Love your patterns!

  34. Yolanda said on :

    I love Vera Bradley!!

  35. Angela said on :

    My black Vera Bradley purse is my favorite of my purses and my wristlets are so well made and pretty.

  36. Christina said on :

    Beautiful towels

  37. Helen said on :

    Love this new idea!

  38. Ashley said on :

    I love the new patterns ❤️

  39. Dianna said on :

    Love love love Vera Bradley already own a few bags and as a mom on the go they are my go to!!

  40. Pamela said on :

    Wow! This is a fabulous looking giveaway! Thank you!

  41. mayra said on :

    I am excited

  42. Anna moss said on :

    Thanks for the chance to win

  43. Valerie said on :

    I love this collaboration! Venus is a go to for me and having the handle match the bag is a great marketing move. It is very attractive to the eye! For the first time, I have seen the Vera Bradley line in person just a few weeks ago! I think this is brilliant and the winner is going to love both products! (Even if it’s me! )

  44. Joy said on :

    Love Vera Bradley!

  45. Julia said on :

    love both of these brands

  46. Sunshine said on :


  47. Alice said on :

    Love Vera Bradley

  48. Meranda said on :

    Would love to try your products.

  49. Menucha said on :


  50. Vivian said on :


  51. Sheryl said on :

    Great prize for Spring!!

  52. Michele Boyce said on :

    Love Vera Bradley!

  53. LaVerne said on :

    I Love the Beach Collection!

  54. Christie said on :

    Thanks for the chance! Can’t think of a better giveaway and prize than VERA BRADLEY and VENUS!

  55. Bonnie said on :

    Thank you for the chance to win one of your bags!

  56. Debbie said on :

    I love Venus Razors they are the best!

  57. Stacy Holmes said on :

    I love Vera Bradley designs!!

  58. Kendra said on :

    I love these new razors and love Vera Bradley

  59. Madeleine said on :

    Pretty, calm colors.

  60. Lynn said on :

    Love the new summer patterns!

  61. Lester said on :

    This is right up my moms alley! If I’m a winner, it will be gifted to her

  62. Michelle said on :

    I would love to try Venus and i Love Vera Bradley

  63. Brenda said on :

    Love that Daisy Dot Paisley, beautiful. 😍👌

  64. Michelle said on :

    Beautiful. I gotta get some.

  65. Renee said on :

    These bags have a great Paisley pattern, they look amazing! 😁 Thanks for the chance!🤗

  66. Misty said on :

    I’ve never tryed this but my sister Christy Roberson She has and told me great things about it. I hope I win this so I can have my own to try.thank you

  67. Dianna said on :

    I would love to win.

  68. Tambrala said on :

    Thank you for allowing me to enter this contest. I would love this have samples and coupons mailed. Again thanks so much for a chance!

  69. margaret said on :

    Loveeeeeeeeee the new Beach Patterns!

  70. Heather said on :

    Right on time for the beach!!

  71. Kristina Rose Payne said on :

    Vera barely makes beautiful stuff love all her items and bags good luck to everyone and keep up the great work and ideas and products love them .thank u for a chance to win .

  72. Pam Ouellette said on :

    Love Vera Bradley merchandise

  73. AMBER said on :

    Hope to receive this offer!

  74. grace said on :

    great sweepstakes!

  75. Carol said on :

    Love to win this, thank you

  76. Jamie said on :

    I hope to be one of the 100 winners because I adore this set! Thank you!

  77. Melissa said on :

    I appreciate the chance to win. And I hope I do because her stuff is sooo cute! ♥️

  78. Debbie Simmons said on :

    I love your products!! Thank you for a chance at winning!!

  79. Tina said on :

    Always love the quality of Vera Bradley also I have used the Venus razor since it first came out.

  80. Beth said on :

    I am very excited about this collaboration!

  81. Pamela said on :

    Love Vera Bradley…

  82. Susan Bryant said on :

    I love your products

  83. Lisa said on :

    Hi I tried to like your Facebook page but the “LIKE” limit has been reached. Congrats! First time I’ve ever seen that before.

  84. Robin said on :

    I love Vera Bradley I buy it off line every chance I get . I have 3 big totes of purses. And that is how much I love them.

  85. LISA said on :


  86. Rhonda said on :

    I tried to like the page on Facebook, would not accept. It said this page had blocked from receiving be any new likes!

  87. carolyn said on :

    wow I didn’t know they sold Vera Bradlyat target

  88. Sheila said on :

    I love Vera Bradley products!

  89. Tina said on :

    I love Vera Bradley I always get compliments carrying my purses.

  90. MaryAnn said on :

    Love your Daisy Dot pattern!!

  91. Francene said on :

    I love the colors in Vera Bradley purses and find them practical and pretty . They make me happy.

  92. Virginia said on :

    These are 2 favorite things! Venus and Vera Bradley.. who wouldn’t want this??

  93. Pamela said on :

    I sure would love to win ,After hurricane Michael I lost everything .plus I really like y’all’s products

  94. Lena said on :

    Thanks…. & Good luck to me!

  95. connie said on :

    I would love to win and thanks for the chance connie danielson

  96. Regina said on :

    Thanks great gifts in contest

  97. wabbitlt55 said on :

    i love the purple razors but the other ones were nice too

  98. Ismylee said on :

    I love venus everything give me pimples except venus thanks guys

  99. Debbie said on :

    This new pattern is gorgeous! Very summery looking!

  100. My Mocha said on :

    Sweet spring vibes vera style! thanks for the chance to win

  101. Recenia said on :

    I love everything you have!

  102. Crystal hunter said on :

    Nice toAdd color to the shaving routine

  103. Summer said on :

    I’m always looking for a great new product to purchase. I’m hoping to receive and be very satisfied with this product!

  104. KAREN said on :

    I’m a beach girl, getting older but feel young! Enjoying life, family and friends (which include dogs)!

  105. Julie said on :

    What a terrific idea to bring good spirits to the feeling of spring! A very uplifting one at that! Kudos!

  106. Tamika said on :

    Pick me

  107. Debra said on :

    Thus is an awesome chance to own both a very nice ladies’ razor, but also a Vera Wang accessory, which isn’t something I’m able to treat myself to. Thank you for the chance to win!

  108. Nicole said on :

    Thank you so much for this opportunity…would love to win to review on my social media pages and blog! Good luck to everyone that enters! 28 hours remaining!

  109. Carol said on :

    Would love to win

  110. Lakeisha said on :

    I love Venus products keeps me smooth like velvet.

  111. Laura said on :

    Thank you for the chance to win! I love the Paisley Dot pattern, especially because it has my favorite color pallette…blues!!

  112. Cynthia said on :

    Love this pattern and colors.

  113. Marina said on :

    Id love to win

  114. patricia rost said on :

    Id love to win these things

  115. mary said on :

    Can wait to try the new collection

  116. Linda said on :

    Makes a great combo. Hope I win!

  117. Koren said on :

    Can’t wait to see if I’ve won. Love the prizes…

  118. Lisa crocker said on :

    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  119. Natalie said on :

    I looovveee Vera Bradley

  120. Sherri said on :

    I LOVE Vera Bradley’s designs! #VERABRADLEY

  121. Cb said on :

    Too bad they aren’t available online.
    Closest target is an hour away and i dont drive

  122. Patricia said on :

    Love Vera Bradley.

  123. Rhonda said on :

    Im in it to win it! SWEET

  124. clydida said on :

    great sweepstakes…..

  125. Amber said on :

    I hope I get to try this

  126. JO suszek said on :

    It would be great if I won

  127. Mary Stewart said on :

    I wanna win 😜

  128. Ashley said on :

    How do I get my bag I won on Facebook

  129. Ashley said on :

    How do I get my bag I win

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