Pattern Playoff

Pattern Playoff 2019

Every March basketball fans spend time filling out their bracket, securing their picks for the upcoming games. We’re calling on all pattern fans to cast their votes in a different kind of competition — our 2019 Pattern Playoff! We want your help deciding which pattern is the greatest of all time. Only one can be crowned the champion. Will it be your favorite? Stay tuned to find out!

Starting with a total of 32 patterns (both throwbacks and recent favorites), our voting will be in six rounds. This week we’re breaking up the 32 patterns into two sets of 16 — one round starting today and the second round beginning on Saturday. After this week, every Wednesday you can come back to this blog post to cast your vote in the next round. Voting is open until 11:59 pm EST on the following Sunday each week. Come back every week to see if your favorites made the cut!


Round 1

March 6 – 7

Round 2

March 9 – 10

Round 3

March 13 – 17

Round 4

March 20 – 24

Round 5

March 27 – 31

Final Round

April 3 – 7


Take a look at the inspiration behind our recent new patterns, Pretty Posies and Shore Thing.


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  1. Sara said on :

    Can y’all bring back romantic paisley? I literally have 5 things in that pattern and I love it sooooo much!!!💖

  2. Kim said on :

    Java blue is my favorite pattern of all time…didn’t see it on here.

  3. Claudine said on :

    Love your stores as online great service on both. Love style and class yo u bring forth. Thanks enjoy Spring.

  4. Aileen said on :

    I love Indio and the new Shore Thing. I have a purse and wallet in both prints. I am new to Vera Bradley buy I love them. I like this new print Kaleidoscope too. Thank you

  5. Masako said on :

    Waiting for something similar to Limes Up again…!!!

  6. Sue Anne Conley said on :

    I wish if some fabrics are still available you would use as a limited editions! So wish the pink elephants were still available!

  7. Debbie said on :

    My very favorite VB patten was French Blue.

  8. Elise said on :

    Except for Symphony in Hue – none of these come close to being VB’s best patterns.

  9. Nancy Worsham said on :

    Every time I carry my zebra or pink elephant backpack someone stops me to ask if it’s a new pattern. They are still popular. Also, I get the same comments when I carry one of my old “string bag” style backpacks.

  10. Paula said on :

    Like the prints better then the paisley. Love bright colors

  11. Ana said on :

    Love vera

  12. Jodi said on :

    Please bring back the MANDY style!!!

  13. Huebie said on :

    Stop using those awful metal zippers on your bags! I haven’t purchased a Little Hipster since they came out, and I’m going the 7 that I have last forever. The zippers are tough on fingernails, and they make the bags look cheap. I use my Little Hipsters for evening bags, and the zippers make them look far too much like Walmart merchandise.

  14. Eileen said on :

    You should create a quilt or throw with all of your patterns. You probably have already.

  15. Barb said on :

    I have to purchase a few things in the new shore thing pattern!

  16. Sue said on :

    I would like to see a few patterns that are more sedate, less busy and in more muted Earthy tones! I’m not buying anything lately because every pattern in last couple years can be seen for “miles!”

  17. Kristin said on :

    Bring back Mandy.
    It is my favorite style.
    I have not found another bag by Vera that fulfills me needs.
    I may be forced to buy coach instead.

  18. Kristal said on :

    Please, please, please do some patterns like you used to do way back when in yesteryear. My favorite pattern was the blue with the little honeybee’s on it, which I bought several pieces. I still some 20 plus years later still use those pieces and they are in great shape. I and many of my friends love Vera purses but aren’t much on floral’s which seem to be all the latest patterns have been. Please consider some other prints or patterns for those who love Vera but aren’t into the floral’s/medallions.

  19. Mackenzie said on :

    Kensington vs Suzani took forever for me to decide! Kensington was my high school book bag while Suzani was my wallet for years!

  20. Amy said on :

    Taking these pattern playoffs has brought back great memories of patterns past. I even looked at some of them in my closet this week to see what I had.

  21. Leslie said on :

    Love the Shore Thing!!!

  22. Monica said on :

    bring back boysenberry paisley!

  23. Suzi said on :

    Really surprised that you didn’t include Java Blue, since it was one of the all-time best selling patterns.

  24. Joanne said on :

    I would love to see a handbag medium size with kiss lock closer in the new patterns.

  25. Janice Otte said on :

    Please bring back Baroque!

  26. Janice said on :

    Please bring back Baroque!

  27. Charlotte said on :

    I’m fairly new to Vera Bradley. They’re tough and can be washed. I bought wallet to with purse. I love it.

  28. June said on :

    Heather is my very favorite from this round. I have a bag with this pattern and still love it.

  29. V WALKER said on :

    My favorite is Cupcake Green. It was going out just as I introduced to Vera Bradley.

  30. Angela said on :

    Heather is my all time favorite! I would absolutely love for it to come back!😊

  31. Barbara said on :

    Love that shore thing!

  32. Mary Ann said on :

    I wishing you would bring back the Clare bag! Pretty please

  33. Lori said on :

    My all time favorite is Midnight Blues. I have at least a dozen items in this pattern. I wish VB would make Bible covers!

  34. Elizabeth said on :

    I love your Butterfly Flutter Collection, 🦋

  35. Veronica said on :

    The new silver zippers now placed in newer VB products tears at the skin, when placing hand inside bags. I stay away from those!

  36. Allie said on :

    Will shore things come to an outlet in KY? If so when will it come.

  37. AnnMarie said on :

    This VB March Madness is such a fun idea! But I only just found out about this in time to vote for Round 3; where can we see the Winners/Losers for earlier rounds?

  38. Linda said on :

    Have a good many pieces of the Parisan Paisley. Would like to see Heather come back, sure would like to have more pieces.

  39. Regina said on :

    I just purchased the new bag VBU In Petite Garden and I love it. I thought for sure it would be too small for my taste but without slip pockets in the inside it’s perfect. The 3 outside pockets are also a great addition and I hope you will make this in more solids and prints.


  40. 4 Events Not to Miss This Spring - Vera Bradley Blog said on :

    […] Every March basketball fans spend time filling out their bracket, securing their picks for the upcoming games. We’re calling on all pattern fans to cast their votes in a different kind of competition — our 2019 Pattern Playoff! We want your help deciding which pattern is the greatest of all time. Today voting opens on the top eight patterns — and starting this round, every time you vote you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Vera Bradley gift card! Play now. […]

  41. Maritess said on :

    I wish you would have a cherry blossom pattern.

  42. Sharon said on :

    Did I miss English Rose as a pattern to compare? That is my favorite.

  43. Paula said on :

    Bring back the alternate print trim on everything. I get so many more compliments when I use one of my old pieces with the alt. Trim.

  44. Sandra said on :

    Love Chanticleer and night owls. My 2 favorite patterns . Please consider bringing them back!

  45. Jackie said on :

    I love the Midnight Blues pattern and miss it since it was retired. I still get compliments from strangers when I am using one of the bags in that pattern.

  46. Michele said on :

    I love 💗 Vera Bradley so much, I have so many I can’t tell you all the patterns… I have from crossbody’s, backpacks, totes to honestly I don’t know how many zip ID cases and matching lanyards!! I can’t pick just one pattern, I love 💕 ALL Vera Bradley!! Keep up the wonderfully, awesomeness great work, because I’m looking for another to add to my collection… Thank you for such a great product and the best cancer foundation program ever out there…
    #verabradleyno.1 #greatest

  47. Micheale said on :

    I think you all should make a mother/daughter set matching crossbodies, maybe wallets. Maybe do a retro set using different retired patterns

  48. Kay said on :

    I love all of your beautiful patterns. I would be extremely happy to win any of your bags although I do have my favorites..

  49. Penny said on :

    PLEASE make iPad and kindle cases again! My tech stuff is so boring 😔

  50. JUDY said on :

    may come to outlet monday and i didn’t realize it but i had a coupon emailed to me that i deleted- can another coupon be emailed to me THANKS

  51. Marcie said on :

    I agree with what Penny wrote on March 24th. On that note, could you also make hardback / paperback covers for books? Thank you!

  52. Marsha said on :

    I only carry Vera Bradely purses and wallets beautiful patterns , color , and tons of extra pocket space marsha

  53. Cheryl said on :

    This is a fun type of “playoff.”

  54. Sharon said on :

    I love English Rose! I didn’t see that here! It was so beautiful. thanks

  55. Asma said on :

    Nomadic floral is the best… I love it

  56. Janice said on :

    Really, all of these patterns are winners & deserve the championship trophy!

  57. Kathy said on :

    I really, really miss the Very Berry Paisley. Please bring it back.

  58. Peggy said on :

    Been an avid shopper of Vera since early 2000s .

  59. Teresa said on :

    Love all of them

  60. Sakina said on :

    These designs were classics

  61. Courtney said on :

    Why isn’t midnight blues in the pattern playoff

  62. Darlisa purdy said on :

    Love your bags

  63. April said on :

    I the very first purse I ever carried was a Very Bradley Purse with Turnlock wallet. I was 21. Lol. Since then, I have MK and and a off brand. I always go back to Vera Bradley. I love the Purses. Mandy is my favorite, but I’m not seeing much of the Many purse anymore. However i will always be a forever and always loyal customer to Vera Bradley. Thank You for the love and dedication you put into your products.

  64. Heather said on :

    The Heather and Java Blue patterns are my favorite of all time!

  65. Frances said on :

    I like the new Disney pattern but without the characters ???

  66. Carrie said on :

    I have loved Vera since 1986! From the early tiny calico style prints to today’s latest trends Vera Bradley has sparked joy from the beauty of the intricate designs! Thankyou for making patterns myself and 2 daughters love, love love! Timeless and ageless!

  67. Sue Lynch said on :

    I love all items you make and the colors and styles are just beautiful!

  68. Jd said on :

    Love some of the patterns for the luggage- why not share then with the handbags too!?

  69. Bernice said on :

    Great patterns.

  70. Bonnie Jean said on :

    I love the little bags that I can slip my phone into the back slot, but it does not fit my iPhone with the protective rubber bumper on it . I REALLY like the little denim bag with the embroidery, but my phone won’t fit.

  71. Debbie said on :

    My granddaughter favorite pattern

  72. Heather said on :

    Bring back Indigo Pop pls!!

  73. Deena Marie said on :

    Favorite colors!!!!!!

  74. Vicki Hackenberg said on :

    Love the new patterns I am a big purple lover and will be buying the new purple pattern.

  75. Broderick said on :

    VB U are theTNT

  76. Sabrina said on :

    I completely support anything that supports cancer awareness.👍

  77. Mary Ann said on :

    Love Vera Bradley ‘s patterns and that they are light weight. Would really love to see a solidi beige color in your quilted handbags.

  78. Kelly said on :

    I. Really like some of the new ones coming out!

  79. Peggy said on :

    I have been buying Vera Bradley tote bags and wallets for years. The new patterns are very interesting.

  80. Sharon said on :

    I I’ve the heather pattern my daughter passed away three years ago at age 41 and her name is heather so I love it

  81. Ruth said on :

    I just have to say I love purple and paisley. you can’t go wrong with them!!!

  82. Risa said on :

    Hi Guys,
    Is there a way to see the original 64 patterns from round one? My all time favorite pattern is VENETIAN PAISLEY. It is fabulous. Also, I like Romantic and Petite Paisley. FIESTA FLORAL. All of the Nomadic products. Havanna Rose is pretty. I LOVE GAGE BLUE!

  83. Risa said on :

    Hi Guys,
    Is there a way to see the original 32 patterns from round one? My all time favorite pattern is VENETIAN PAISLEY. It is fabulous. Also, I like Romantic and Petite Paisley. FIESTA FLORAL. All of the Nomadic products. Havanna Rose is pretty. I LOVE GAGE BLUE!

  84. Kathleen said on :

    I love your bags!

  85. Steve said on :

    Pretty poised

  86. Sarah said on :

    Please bring back Heather!! Clearly it’s a popular pattern based on the results of previous pattern playoff rounds! ❤️

  87. Ginger said on :

    so many pretty colors…so hard to choose…I dont carry any other bags…Only VB…

  88. Peggy said on :

    What a good 50th bday this would be!

  89. Karen said on :

    Love Vera! I would love to see an old pattern brought back for a limited edition a couple of times a year. Also get rid of the metal zippers.

  90. Cathy said on :

    As a breast cancer survivor for going on 20 years now I always look forward to treating myself with and item from the pink ribbon series every year. Hope Garden is one of my favorites!!!

  91. Mary said on :

    Anything Vera makes is great.

  92. JoDee Eckert said on :

    Voting for Very Berry Pasley, it was my first pattern I bought after my husbands brain cancer was found! I wanted cheerful,bright and pink!!!

  93. Juana said on :

    What a difficult task, choosing patterns; I have so many favorites!! I bought my first VB item back in 1999…now own over 300 pieces. There have been quite a lot of changes…some great, some not. I also have certain styles, I just must have! However, being the VB Products fan that I am, I can’t help noticing the quality has fallen short. Those metal zippers, the linings used, the straps, the sizes, even some of the patterns are terrible in some way. I see that everything is also made in a number of other countries. (yes it shows!) For the prices we loyal customers pay, it would be nice to bring back a few of the former features!?! But I do thank you for the sales, and outlets, plus free shipping, when offered!!! Bottom line, Vera Bradley products, will always be a part of my life…LUV,LUV, LUV!!!!! Hats off; Bags on! : )

  94. Hazel said on :

    Like the New Shore Thing print.

  95. Denise said on :

    Hope Gardens

  96. Pamela Goff said on :

    Love, love, love Vera Bradley!!!

  97. Suzette said on :

    The patterns that you have they look so pretty yes they do

  98. Denise said on :

    I would like to see something yellow with small flowers, that would be nice

  99. MsJojo said on :

    I would really like to see the print with the little bees come back for at least a special edition. I like strong, bold, jewel tones or luxurious looking neutrals. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!

  100. Elizabeth said on :

    Hope Garden Stephanie was my very first VB!! Still my fav!

  101. Joyce said on :

    I like very berry paisley

  102. Elizabeth said on :

    Very Berry Paisley has been my favorite for years. I have so many pieces in my collection. Now with a new baby girl on the way I would love to get more to add to my collection to use as baby accessories. Diaper bag and such.

  103. Juana said on :

    Just a few of my memorable favorites; New Hope, Java Blue, Night & Day, Ribbons, Olivia Pink, Canterbury Cobalt & Magenta, and Dogwood! Also now love, Nomadic Floral, Snow Lotus, Charcoal Medallion, along with Lilac Medallion!
    So many…so nice…so enjoyable!!!! Thanx : ) ~~

  104. Janet said on :

    I love Vera Bradley!❤️ I’m so thankful to have purses and bags that aren’t heavy, before I put all my stuff inside, because of weaknesses in my shoulders. I love all the different patterns, but sometimes it makes it too hard to choose just one.🤔😉😊

  105. Deborah Smith said on :

    This would be my first introduction to Vera bags but I did like Hope garden print compared to the paisley but that is just me. I like flowers and animal prints myself and from what I read your company seems to carry both. I love the opportunity to play the game each week.

  106. Paige said on :

    Vera is elegant! It will never go out of style.

  107. Carolyn said on :

    I love, love, love the retired pattern Midnight Blues. I would buy several items if you would bring it back.
    I would especially purchase a Icinic Glenna satchel and Turnlock wallet.

  108. Reba said on :

    What are the results of the playoff? Show your brackets and results of each round. Inquiring minds want to know!

  109. Dawn said on :

    Who won?!

  110. Kellie said on :

    I want plenty of pockets bag back!!! My favorite purse!!!

  111. Joan said on :

    So, who won the pattern playoff?

  112. Joan said on :

    Who won the pattern playoff?

  113. Michelle said on :

    So, what pattern won??

  114. Jenn said on :

    Did they ever announce which pattern won???

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