Quiz: What Kind of Trip You Should Go On for Spring Break

1. What's one thing you can never travel without?

An extra pair of shoes (or five)
My Kindle (loaded up with my fave reads)
All of the snacks
Earbuds (and a great playlist)

2. What is your dream spring break destination?

Somewhere with mountains
Anyplace in Europe

3. What's your favorite part of spring break?

Spending extra time with family
Exploring somewhere new
Getting uninterrupted time with my significant other
Hanging out with friends

4. What is your favorite spring pattern?

Stitched Flowers
Shore Thing
Pretty Posies
Lavender Bouquet

5. Pick a swimsuit.

A pretty one-piece
Anything Insta-worthy
Something with a little more coverage
A fun two-piece

6. What feature is most important when choosing a travel bag?

Wheels! It needs to roll
Easy to carry
It's cute
It has enough pockets to keep everything organized

7. The best travel buddy?

I prefer solo trips
My girlfriends
The family

8. How would you describe your packing style?

Extremely organized — everything has a place
Procrastinator — you can borrow from someone else if you forget something
Overpacker — you never know what you'll need
Minimalist — the fewer bags you have to carry, the better

9. What is your least favorite part of traveling?

Delayed flights
Coming back (hah!)
Juggling everyone's activity preferences
Packing for EVERYONE else

10. A spring break trip isn't complete without...

The perfect shot for Instagram
Sunbathing on the beach
Trying a new restaurant or cuisine
An amusement or water park


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  1. Rosemary said on :

    Love Vera Bradley bags

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