What Bag Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

No matter if you live by your horoscope or aren’t sure how to pronounce your zodiac sign, one thing’s certain: astrology sure is fun! Every once in a while you read about your zodiac sign and think, “That really does sound like me!” We did some research on each zodiac sign to see what bag matches the personality of each one. Keep reading to find out your ideal bag based on your zodiac sign!



(feb. 19 – mar. 20)

custom carson shoulder bag


We’re kicking things off with perhaps the most imaginative zodiac sign! It’s no surprise that Victor Hugo, Rihanna and Dr. Seuss are all Pisces — as this sign is known for being gifted in the creativity department. Because Pisces are ultra imaginative, they need a bag that can keep up! The Custom Carson Shoulder Bag is a no-brainer for Pisces. They can easily spend an afternoon customizing a masterpiece they can carry wherever they go.



(mar. 21 – apr. 19)

large hardside spinner in lavender dandelion


Aries are known for their high energy, making them hard to keep up with at times, so naturally our speedy Large Hardside Spinner is their travel bag equal. Aries also stand out because of their competitive nature and unmatchable drive. When Aries are moving throughout the airport they’re going to sport a pattern like Lavender Dandelion that will shine a spotlight on their fabulous style.



(apr. 20 – may 20)

carryall small tote in storm cloud


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most lavish of them all? Taurus, of course! Taurus are known for their love of nice things like weekly brunch with the gals and last-minute spa trips just because. So naturally, a Taurus’s handbag soul mate is the Carryall Small Tote  in our luxurious leather. Don’t mistake Taurus for being spoiled, this sign works hard to enjoy the finer things in life, which is why we chose a tote that carries all of those work essentials!



(may 21 – june 20)

lighten up convertible travel bag in tossed posies


Geminis move at lightning speed and are known for being adventurous and ever-changing in their pursuits and interests — which is why their ideal bag is the Lighten Up Convertible Travel Bag. This style is a backpack, duffel and hipster all in one. It’s safe to say that this bag can adapt to a Gemini’s constantly evolving needs and interests at any moment.



(june 21 – july 22)

iconic weekender travel bag in shore thing

Cancerians are total homebodies, so when they do stray away for a quick vacay it’s rarely longer than a weekend. Our go-to weekend bag, the Iconic Weekender Travel Bag, is the perfect travel companion for Cancerians.  When they do venture for longer trips, this carry-on compliant travel bag is spacious enough to bring a Cancerian’s every need, giving them that sense of security they love and need.




(july 23 – aug. 22)

iconic large travel duffel bag in shore thing

Leos are all about being showstoppers, so naturally we paired them with one of our most well-known styles, the Iconic Large Duffel Travel Bag. Like Leos, this classic style will make everyone stop and stare. Why did we pick the duffel in Shore Thing? Because the beach is where Leos would rather be given their appreciation for the finer things in life.




(aug. 23 – sept. 22)

iconic triple zip hipster in pretty posies


Virgos are all about decluttering and reorganizing, so a handbag with compartments is a MUST for Virgos. Enter: the Triple Zip Hipster with zippers and pockets galore. Virgos are the queens of efficiency and the the Triple Zip Hipster makes it a breeze to tuck away your necessities and get on your way hands-free.



(sept. 23 – oct. 22)

lighten up all in one crossbody in tossed posies pink


Libras never like picking favorites, and the Lighten Up All In One Crossbody takes the pressure of decision making away. This style easily transforms from a crossbody to wristlet, taking away the stress of selecting just one style for your everyday bag. Libras are also known for their charm and beauty just like the delicate flowers on this soft pale pink ground in Tossed Posies Pink.




(oct. 23 – nov. 21)

iconic turnabout crossbody in pretty posies


Scorpios are known for their love of darker colors which is why they can rock the solid gray ground of the Iconic Turnabout Crossbody any day of the week. But don’t label Scorpios as predictable — they are indeed full of surprises. Meaning, every now and then they like to step out in something ultra bold, which is why they need the flip of the flap in the Turnabout Crossbody to add that vibrant color when they want to steal the spotlight.



(nov. 22 – dec. 21)

lighten up journey backpack in tossed posies


Sagittarians are the ultimate travelers so they need a bag that’s made for their next adventure. Naturally we couldn’t find a bag more suited to them than the Lighten Up Journey Backpack. It’s ready to get up and go for any excursion. Sagittarians also like to juggle multiple projects and goals, thus they need a bag that can help them compartmentalize and succeed!



(dec. 22 – jan. 19)

iconic rolling work bag in lavender bouquet


Capricorns are busy with goals galore so they need a bag that means business. The Iconic Rolling Work Bag is a worker bee’s dream bag. No matter if you’re a Capricorn that is constantly traveling for work or simply needing a stellar bag to take you to and from the office, this bag was made with those boss lady Capricorns in mind.


(jan. 20 – feb. 18)

packable weekender travel bag in lavender dandelion


Aquarians are nomads so they can be up and gone at the drop of a hat. With their spontaneous travel bug nature they need an extra bag on hand at any moment. Our Packable Weekender fits Aquarians to a T. This packable piece can fit in your car, dresser or even your purse, and at any moment can be unpacked and filled to the brim with essentials for any impromptu trip!




No matter where you’re headed for spring break, our packing expert Jenna has all the tips to make sure traveling goes smoothly!


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    No way, no how! Not for this Leo!

  2. Sue said on :

    No way, no how for this Leo!!

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