Here’s What You Need to Know About QuiltCon 2019

When we heard about QuiltCon, the largest modern quilting show around, we had to get involved! That’s why we’re headed to Nashville, Tennessee, February 21 – 24, 2019 to sponsor this event presented by the Modern Quilt Guild. We’re bringing along six Vera Bradley-inspired quilts, a NEW pattern made in honor of QuiltCon and even more surprises. Keep reading to find out all about this exciting event, how you could win a quilt and where you can purchase our QuiltCon pattern, Quilt Floral!

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From February 21 – 24, over 550 modern quilts will be on display at this year’s QuiltCon event. Thousands of attendees will come to see these quilts and enjoy four days of lectures and workshops led by quilters and designers. This year, Vera Bradley is a Platinum Sponsor serving as a panelist for QuiltCon’s Best in Show award and presenting this accolade to the winner. We will also have the largest booth at the event, displaying six quilts and selling select styles in Pretty Posies and Quilt Floral. QuiltCon Charm Packs filled with pattern swatches to create your own quilt, will be available for purchase as well.


quilt floral

Quilt Floral is a nod to the past and the future. Print Designer Lindsay (pictured) pulled inspiration for Quilt Floral from a pattern designed for an upcoming season (hint: keep an eye out for a familiar-looking pattern this fall!). However, the historic sewing technique that brought Quilt Floral to life was naturally quilting. Lindsay patch-worked patterns of intricate medallions, little ditsy flowers and so much more to bring this print to life. This purple and pink beauty is available in select styles online starting February 21, in our Cool Springs, Nashville store and at QuiltCon.

quiltcon charm packs

Don’t get FOMO just yet if you’re unable to attend QuiltCon! One of the quilters we are collaborating with, Anne Gates, not only created a Pretty Posies-inspired quilt, but also mapped out an entire demonstration that you can follow to create your own quilt using the QuiltCon Charm Packs. The QuiltCon Charm Packs come in four patterns including current prints and customer favorites: Capri Melon, Pretty Posies, Daisy Dot Paisley and Animal Kingdom. They will also be available for purchase at QuiltCon, online and at our Cool Springs store.

Download Instructions


Molly Shea’s quilt inspired by Quilt Floral that you can enter to win below!


the quilts

Since day one quilting has been a part of our heritage. Quilting itself has been around for centuries, and we wanted to bring to QuiltCon six quilts that honor this traditional craft while also shedding light on modern techniques and fresh looks. This is why we’re collaborating with quilters Heather Hancsak, Sybil Magrill, Anne Gates, Molly Shea, Maggie and Colleen Clines and Katherine Lowe. Each of these quilts pull inspiration from either Daisy Dot Paisley, Pretty Posies or Quilt Floral. Scroll to the bottom to enter to win one of these QuiltCon-exclusive quilts! 

the quilters


These quilters come from near and far to create these one in a million quilts inspired by Vera Bradley patterns. Katherine comes from Southern California with over 12 years of quilting under her belt.  Molly is an associate designer in our very own home office in Indiana. Heather and Sybil are sisters living across the world from one another with a shared love for design. While deployed in Iraq, Sybil designed a Pretty Posies-inspired quilt and Heather, from Tennessee, created a Daisy Dot Paisley-inspired quilt. For graphic designer and quilter Anne from San Francisco, this is her second time attending QuiltCon and her second time displaying a quilt there. Maggie and Colleen Clines are two sisters who designed a Daisy Dot Paisley-inspired quilt and are also co-founders of Anchal, a non-profit using design to empower women across the world.


Whether you can make it to QuiltCon this year or not, we wanted to get everyone involved! We’re giving away one of the Quilt Floral-inspired quilts created by associate designer, Molly, to one lucky fan! Fill out the form below for your chance to win (and unlock bonus entries to increase your chances)!

enter here

Quilt Giveaway


Looking for more information on this year’s QuiltCon event? Follow along on Twitter and Instagram beginning February 21 to catch live coverage of QuiltCon!


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