3 Ideas for Staying in This Valentine’s Day


Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog post, we’re no Valentine’s Day pessimists! We’re all about spoiling your significant other or galentine this time of year. Although Valentine’s Day isn’t officially “National Go Out for Dinner Day”, many people associate this holiday with heading out on the town and feasting on a fancy meal at a swanky restaurant. Don’t get us wrong, we love dining out, but that doesn’t have to be your routine every Valentine’s Day. This year, we suggest you avoid the crowds and enjoy a night with your favorite person (or people) in the intimate space of your own home. Here are three ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day while staying in.



rom-com marathon

You still haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians?! Well, then add it to the list of rom-coms you and your gal pals are going to watch this Galentine’s Day. Get lavish with your movie marathon and stock up on moscato, popcorn (movie theater butter, duh) and everything hearts and cozy. You’re not truly hosting a rom-com marathon unless you’re snuggled up in our favorite Fleece Robe or Throw Blanket. If you’re doing a movie marathon with your significant other instead of the back-to-back rom-coms, have each of you pick your favorite movie and watch them together. Compromise, right?



dine in and get gamin’

When was the last time you picked up a game of Scrabble, Apples to Apples or Monopoly? If you can’t remember, the answer is TOO long ago! It’s easy to forget how much fun card or board games are until you play another round. When it comes time to eat, make your dinner together. That time you made the perfect spaghetti and meatballs for Valentine’s Day together will stay in your memory far longer than if you order a pizza!



diy with your gal pals

Remember your Pinterest board filled with DIY floral chandeliers and homemade sugar scrubs? Well, Galentine’s Day is the night of all nights to put your artsy side to the test and finally try these crafts with your best friends. Have each person pick a project they want to try and purchase the supplies needed for that craft. Put on your comfiest clothes (we’ve been living in our Pajama Baseball Tee and Pajama Pants), bring out all the snacks and get those creative juices flowing. By the end of the night you’ll all walk home with something new!




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Bridal Party



Mother's Day

Still searching for a cute Valentine’s Day card? Then check out our printable Valentine’s Day cards perfect for anyone you want to show some love!


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