4 Game-Day-Approved Bags Perfect for Basketball Season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: basketball season! It’s hard to measure the excitement of this sport between the fierce competition and the fun of getting decked out from head to toe in your school’s colors. However, we all know that as you travel through the arena, jump and shout for your favorite team and buy a snack or two for the game, you want a bag that’s compliant, hassle-free and easy to access. So here are our top picks for the perfect game day bag!



Collegiate Zip ID Lanyard

Multiple college arenas do not allow actual bags into the facility on game day. If you attend a school with this rule, the absolute best option is a Collegiate Zip ID  Lanyard.This Zip ID Case fits the essentials: your debit/credit cards, student ID, driver’s license, cash and coins. You can simply toss the lanyard around your neck and cheer on your favorite team!




Collegiate RFID All in One Crossbody

On the other hand, if you’re able to bring a small crossbody into the stadium, the Collegiate RFID All in One Crossbody will fit everything you need. This one’s our favorite with an adjustable strap and double compartments. There’s room to hold all the cards and cash you want to bring along and even a little extra space to carry your phone.



Collegiate Front Zip Wristlet

If you’re looking for something you can hold close to you as you move through the arena then we recommend our Collegiate Front Zip Wristlet.You can keep all of your game day essentials in your hands with this wristlet. The best part of this wristlet is the front-zip pocket that you can toss your keys in, so as soon as the game ends you’re ready to head home.


Collegiate Belt Bag

This is perhaps the ultimate style to wear at any sporting event. You simply click the Collegiate Belt Bag around your waist and voila — there’s no adjusting or fidgeting with your bag for the rest of the game. You’ll likely forget that this hands-free companion is even there as it holds your every need in your favorite school colors.

Before picking your game day bag, we recommend checking your university’s bag policy to ensure you select an option that is perfect for you and compliant to your university’s rules. Happy basketball season!


Collegiate Zip ID Lanyard

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Collegiate Front Zip Wristlet

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Collegiate RFID All in One Crossbody Bag

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Wallets and Wristlets


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  1. Vikki said on :

    Make clear bags with Vera print trim!!
    Many arenas & sports venue have clear bag only policy; ie NHL, NFL, MLB…….

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