5 Tips to Make 2019 Your Most Productive Year Yet

Whether you’re setting classic resolutions or not, we can all agree we want 2019 to be the best it can be. We’re starting the new year with more intent, vowing to be more productive than ever. No one wants to be sitting there on December 31 thinking about how the year flew by and nothing notable was accomplished. By planning little tweaks in your daily routine now, you’ll create healthy and productive habits that can last the entire year (and even a lifetime!).

If you want to be more productive in the new year, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help! Here are five simple ways to boost your productivity in 2019.


start the day with a workout

Yes, it may initially feel dreadful when your alarm goes off an hour earlier in the morning, but the benefits of working out in the morning far outweigh the cons. You’ll get your workout out of the way, while starting off the day more energized and refreshed, guaranteeing that your day is more productive. You also won’t have to worry about squeezing in a workout between eating dinner and watching This Is Us. You can instead spend that time relaxing. You deserve it, after all.


pack your lunch for work

There’s nothing that destroys your afternoon motivation (and your wallet) like going out for lunch every day. Rather than taking a two-hour lunch break downtown at that pizza place you love and dropping way more dough (pun intended) than budgeted, pack your own lunch for work. You’ll be able to save money, eat healthier and have a better time staying focused in the last half of the day. This is the perfect excuse to get a cute new lunch bag that will stand out in the staff refrigerator.


reorganize your space

Don’t let clutter kill your vibe. The key to staying productive is having a neat environment allowing you to be efficient and focused. Whether it’s your home office or work desk, start by clearing it out. Then choose the most essential items and arrange those on your desk with the most-used items nearest to you. Anything you don’t use on a regular basis can go in a drawer or be tossed. For more desk organization tips, check out this blog post!



plan your weeks on sundays

The best way to beat the Sunday scaries? Plan out your entire week on Sunday so you’re in control of your week. You can plan out your meals, grocery list, workout plan, appointments and social calendar so you know what to expect each day. When you know what to expect, the Sunday scaries won’t have an effect on you. Plus, when Thursday rolls around, you won’t have to wonder what to scrounge up to eat when you get home from work — the ingredients for that delicious fajita bake will be waiting for you!


ditch the electronics before bed

One of the simplest ways to ensure you’re productive is getting a good night’s sleep. The blue light from your phone, tablet and laptop screen wires you and makes it harder to fall asleep (seriously). It’s best to turn off the electronics and put them away 30 – 60 minutes before you plan to go to bed to get your brain in the right mindset for going to sleep. Instead, you can use that time to read that book you’ve had on your reading list for months!

Haven’t set your resolutions for the new year yet? No problem! Here are five resolutions that you’ll ACTUALLY want to do this year. How do you stay productive in the new year? Share your tips below in the comments!



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  1. Kiha said on :

    Relax and enjoy the moment. All to often we tend to get caught up with the chaos around us. Breathe and be thankful.

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