5 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Absolutely Want To Stick To

It’s that time of the year again, when we set ambitious goals that are easy to start but difficult to stick out. However that should never deter you from finding a resolution for the New Year. We’re not aiming to spend two hours at the gym every day or to cut out pasta from our diet (HA!), but instead we’re creating attainable resolutions that anyone can achieve. Keep reading for our five New Year’s resolutions that will truly illustrate the saying, “New year, new me!”


travel more

Get out our favorite Big List Pad and write down a list of places you want to go. Make some of them domestic destinations and others international journeys. Once you have a list, decide who you’d like to go with and then pick at least one destination you’re going to visit in 2019. Here’s the catch: Don’t let it fall on the holidays when you’ll already be traveling. Make this trip its own entity, specifically for you! When January first arrives, make plans to meet with your travel companion that very first week of the year to discuss booking tickets. Start with one trip but if you can pull off multiple adventures, more power to you!



worry less

We know that this resolution very well may be the most difficult goal to achieve on this list, but hear us out. It’s natural to worry and while we can’t anticipate the challenges that will come our way with each new year, we can take the time to learn how to take care of ourselves. Make an effort to put away your e-mail when you leave the office and take time each day to do something you enjoy to take your mind off of the pressure surrounding you. Always remember to ask yourself, “Will it matter a year from now?” If the answer is “no,” take a breath and remember that everything is going to be okay!



unplug more

This is a broad New Year’s resolution that you can easily conquer if you set a specific goal. Start by doing something other than playing on your phone for the 10 minutes before bed. Read, write, or do whatever you’d like! Every two weeks, add another five minutes on until you’ve reached an hour (or more!). Not only will this help you unplug, but it’ll also help you get a better night’s rest.



compare less

This can apply in so many aspects of life. No matter if you’re comparing social media accounts, yourself to others or even your iPhone 6 to your cousin’s iPhone X, try to let it go. When you catch the thought creeping into your mind, let it pass as quickly as it came, not letting the small things get to you!



write more

Naturally, here on the blog, we are going to encourage you to write more this year! Don’t fret, we’re not saying you need to write a novel in 2019, but start with a simple entry about someone who inspires you or jot down a running list of things you love. Treat yourself to a fresh notebook (we love this one), google “journal prompts” and find a huge list of ideas that you could scribble a few sentences about or, who knows, maybe even several pages. Either way, this is a sure way to also help you worry less and unplug more.


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