Our Top 10 Thanksgiving
Hot Takes

Thanksgiving is rooted in tradition, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same every year. This holiday has been around for hundreds of years and has changed quite a bit since the first Thanksgiving feast. There are traditions we adore, but also some elements we think are overdue for an update in 2018! So here are our 10 Thanksgiving hot takes.


thanksgiving or friendsgiving?

BOTH. While the pilgrims at the 1621 Thanksgiving table would probably be very confused by the Friendsgiving concept that’s become popular over the past couple of years, we’re here for it. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll be spending November 22 at Thanksgiving dinner with our family, but we also make time earlier in the week to host or attend a Friendsgiving with our loved ones who are simply a different kind of family. Get our associates’ top tips for hosting here.



turkey or ham?

Turkey. This was a tough one, but quite frankly nothing beats turkey leftovers. Whether you’re warming it up with other Thanksgiving sides or using it for a sandwich, you can’t go wrong with this classic that is essentially the symbol of a Thanksgiving feast. Want to cook yours in half the time? Learn how here.



pie or something new?

Something new. Hear us out on this one. This year, we’re advocating the mini pies. Instead of having to narrow down your pie choices to just one or two, we suggest you try making mini pies so you can have pumpkin, apple, pecan and any other flavor you may desire. Our Associate Designer Molly recently made these mini pumpkin pies and they were an absolute hit in our office.



music or silence?

Music. Again, we’re sure that way back in the day the only noise made at the Thanksgiving table was conversation, but today we love a little music to add to the ambiance. Whether you’re playing “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” or “We Are Family,” music is sure to make your home feel all the more inviting. Not to mention a good playlist is always a stellar conversation starter! If you’re pressed for time on creating your own playlist, check out ours.



football or parade?

Parade. For us there’s no other way to kick-off Thanksgiving morning than being wrapped up in our favorite blanket with a mug of hot coffee in hand as we watch the Thanksgiving Day parade. Not only is it a festive tradition we adore, but it’s the perfect background noise as you move into the kitchen and start cooking your holiday feast!



subtle or extravagant table decor?

Subtle. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE a lavish soirée. However, the most charming thing about Thanksgiving is its simplicity. It’s a day dedicated to being thankful for what you have. We recommend decorating your table with delicate and personal details. Add thoughtful touches with name cards on plates for your guests, small candles around the table and accents of fall colors ranging from vibrant red to more neutral browns.



cider or eggnog?

Cider. While we are totally guilty of holiday shopping in October and playing “Jingle Bells” in November, eggnog is a libation we like to keep reserved for December. Plus, cider is a drink that you can make so many different ways. This November, mix up your usual apple cider with this delicious adult version that you can sip on from our favorite wine glasses at a Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration!



black friday or cyber monday?

BOTH. When it comes to holiday shopping everyone wants to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we’re all about taking full advantage of the holiday deals happening on Friday AND Monday. Keep an eye out for the stellar deals we’re saving for the the two best shopping days of the year.



classic sides or something new?

Classic sides. Sometimes you really can’t go wrong with the classics. Can you truly imagine a Thanksgiving table without gravy, mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing or green beans? We know we can’t!



hostess gift or bring a dish?

BOTH. When we’re attending a Thanksgiving dinner in someone else’s home we like to bring a gift for everyone at the table to indulge in now and something for the hosts to enjoy later. Bring along your signature dish in our stylish Casserole Carrier and gift your favorite bottle of wine in our Market Tote for the hosts to enjoy once clean-up is over!


Do you agree with our Thanksgiving hot takes? Comment below with your holiday picks!


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