What Travel Bag is Best
for the Holidays: Quiz

The second the clock strikes midnight on November 1, everything switches over from Halloween to holiday. From festive décor to a jolly attitude, November and December bring a sense of excitement unlike any other season. The next several weeks are sure to be filled with plenty of holiday shopping, baking and trip-planning, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to travel.

We know every traveler has a different style with varied needs and preferences, so you need a travel bag that’s as unique as you are. Travel bags are kind of our thing, so we have plenty to choose from — but since you’re so busy, let us help you decide! Answer these 10 quick questions to find out which travel bag suits your needs for this holiday season.



What is your favorite part of the holidays?

A) Making Christmas cookies
B) Spending time with family
C) Watching holiday movies
D) Secret Santa gift exchange



How are you traveling home for the holidays?

A) Flying
B) Driving
C) Taking the train
D) Everyone is visiting me this year



How would you describe your packing style?

A) Chronic over-packer
B) Last minute
C) Minimalist
D) Smart — everything has a place



What is the ultimate holiday song?

A) Baby It’s Cold Outside
B) Mistletoe
C) Santa Claus is Coming to Town
D) All I Want for Christmas is You



Choose your favorite winter pattern.

A) Holiday Owls
B) Bordeaux Blooms
C) Romantic Paisley
D) Bramble



Your favorite kind of gifts to give are…

A) Thoughtful and personalized
B) Practical and useful
C) More experience-based
D) Unexpected and unique



Which is your favorite type of trip?

A) Romantic getaways
B) Road trips
C) Solo trips
D) Family vacations



What is your favorite holiday movie?

A) The Holiday
B) Polar Express
C) Elf
D) Home Alone



What is the most important feature when choosing a travel bag?

A) Space … and a lot of it
B) Pretty pattern that fits my style
C) Convenience — I need to be hands-free
D) Plenty of pockets and compartments



What travel essential can you never leave the house without?

A) Travel blanket
B) Portable charger
C) Earbuds (and a good playlist)
D) Hanging Travel Organizer



mostly As…

You should use a . . . Hardside Large Spinner

Let’s face it, savvy packing was never your strong suit. You’re a chronic over-packer, but you’ve learned to embrace it. Our Hardside Large Spinner was made for travelers like you, with dual compartments allowing you to pack on both sides for extra space (and better organization). Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or on a winter getaway, this durable luggage can hold everything you think you need (and probably more).

Shop the Hardside Large Spinner


mostly Bs…

You should use an . . . Iconic Weekender Travel Bag

The holidays are certainly one of your favorite times of year with plenty of travel ahead. No matter how many road trips you’ve been on, you still find yourself procrastinating on packing every time. The last-minute scramble has become a regular part of your trip-prep routine, so you need a travel bag that makes fast packing a breeze. Our Iconic Weekender Travel Bag has long been a favorite for road-trippers and flyers alike — and for good reason. This quintessential travel bag is the perfect size for a weekend or short trip, with enough pockets to make essentials easy to find when you’re on the road. Our favorite feature? A removable padded shoulder strap that you can sling over your shoulder and jet off to your destination.

Shop the Iconic Weekender Travel Bag


mostly Cs…

You should use a . . . Lighten Up Journey Backpack

You tend to be everyone’s favorite travel companion due to your laid-back nature. Your trips keep you constantly on the go, so you need a hands-free bag that can keep up with your frequent adventures. Enter: the Lighten Up Journey Backpack. Our largest backpack style has all of the features you’d ever need (and more) with compartments specifically for your laptop, sunglasses and shoes, as well as several pockets to keep all of your travel essentials organized. You can use the chest strap for extra security or slip this backpack over your rolling luggage if your next trip takes you to the airport.

Shop the Lighten Up Journey Backpack


mostly Ds…

You should use a . . . Lighten Up Convertible Travel Bag

Traveling during the holidays can get hectic, but you handle it gracefully. You pride yourself on your flawless planning skills and savvy packing tricks, so you deserve a bag that can meet you on your level. Our new Lighten Up Convertible Travel Bag (launching on November 8!) is three bags in one — a duffel, backpack and hipster! You’ll love the versatility of this chameleon travel bag and how it can transform to fit your ever-changing needs during your trip. With multiple compartments, you’ll be able to pack smarter than ever.

Shop the Lighten Up Convertible Travel Bag

Have a flight booked for the holidays? See our favorite carry-on bags for the holidays and learn which is best for your travel style.


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