Meet the New Hanging Organizer Collection

Our designers are passionate about how our customers travel. Every traveler has a different packing style that varies by destination and trip length. Last fall, we recognized this customer need and expanded our Weekender Collection to include 3 sizes — the classic Weekender, plus a smaller Compact Weekender and a larger Grand Weekender.

Each bag is great for different types of trips and are often used together (i.e. one as a carry-on and another as your personal item). If you wouldn’t use the same travel bag for every kind of trip, why would you use the same travel accessories?

For over a decade, our Iconic Hanging Travel Organizer has been one of our most-loved travel cosmetic bags — and for good reason. Packed with functionality, this style has 4 zippered compartments to separate your cosmetics and a hook to hang it on the back of the bathroom door. But, some trips are shorter and don’t require that much space, while others need A LOT more. Our designers heard your feedback and used the same approach as our Weekender Collection, creating two new sizes in addition to the classic version, so you can have the perfect cosmetic made specifically for your type of trip!

Let’s meet the new Hanging Organizer Collection!


iconic compact hanging organizer

for the minimalist

Whether you’re a minimalist packer (please teach us your ways) or you have a short trip ahead, the Iconic Compact Hanging Organizer is the perfect little travel companion. This mini version of the ultimate travel accessory has all of the same features as the original, just in a more compact size.

For an overnight or quick weekend getaway, you can easily fit all of your travel-sized essentials in our Iconic Compact Hanging Organizer. Don’t want to put your make-up in a separate cosmetic? No problem. You should easily be able to fit a mini compact, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and a small eyeshadow palette (emphasis on small — this is not the trip to bring your full-size NAKED palette) in addition to your toiletry essentials.




iconic hanging organizer

for the frequent flier

If you’re a frequent flier or a pretty savvy packer, our original Iconic Hanging Organizer is for you. In addition to the absolute essentials, you can also add some extras — a small hairspray, make-up remover, your paddle brush and even a few full-size bottles.

Our classic Hanging Organizer is also a great grab-and-go travel accessory for those last-minute trips. Whether you travel frequently for work or play, we always recommend having a cosmetic bag stocked with all of the essentials ready to go at any moment’s notice for an unexpected getaway.



iconic grand hanging organizer

for the overpacker

Raise your hand if you’re a chronic overpacker! We get it, it’s hard to make those impossible decisions. Brush or comb? Make-up wipes or a bottle of remover? Shampoo and conditioner or one of those sub-par 2-in-1 ordeals. With our Grand Hanging Organizer, you don’t have to make these tough decisions — you can have it all (except that 2-in-1 stuff, leave that at home). Our largest toiletry bag allows you to pack full-sized bottles with even more storage than our classic version.

You can rest assured that you’ll be able to fit everything you “need” from full-sized shower essentials to a mini hairdryer! Even if you don’t classify yourself as an overpacker, the Grand Hanging Organizer is great for week-long trips or packing for multiple people in one place.


Which style best fits your needs? Share below!


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