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This season millions road trip home to see their families and friends and celebrate the holidays. Between decorating the house, holiday shopping and coordinating your travel plans, the last thing on your mind is what to pack for the journey home. No worries — we have you covered! We want to help you hit the road in style with everything you need for a trip home for the holidays. Enter for a chance to win one of five gift sets below!

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grand prize

Five lucky Grand Prize winners will receive a gift set to prep them for upcoming holiday travel filled with packing and travel essentials and gifts for the hostess ($997 total value per winner). See everything you could win in our Grand Prize package below.

pack like a pro

Getting ready for your upcoming trip will be a breeze with these fan-favorite travel styles. From our top-seller Iconic Large Travel Duffel to our incredibly handy Cosmetic Organizer, you’re guaranteed to be more organized than ever for your holiday travels! Also, how luxe is our new velvet Vera Tote?!

Styles: Iconic Large Travel Duffel, 4 Pc. Cosmetic Organizer, Iconic Weekender Travel Bag and Iconic Vera Tote in Velvet


travel in style

It wouldn’t be a road trip without the ultimate car essentials! Snuggle up in our Cozy Life Throw Blanket when you hit the road (with hot cocoa in hand, obviously). Don’t forget to pack all of the car snacks in the Market Tote for your long drive. Your destination may be far, but we’re lightening the load with a $125 VISA gift card you can put toward your gas expenses along the way.

Styles: Cozy Life Throw Blanket, Stainless Steel Travel Mugs (2), 4 Pc. Market Tote Set and $125 VISA gift card for travel expenses

treat the hostess

Previously we said packing is the last thing on your mind during the holidays, but often the most overlooked to-do is finding the perfect gift for your hostess. Girl, we’ve got you covered! Treat your hostess (or yourself, we don’t judge) with an assortment of goodies from a wine glass set to her own Iconic Cosmetic Organizer! Use the Cake Bake Shop gift card to order a delicious apple pie for after the big meal. P.S. Can we come, too?

Styles: Holiday Stocking and Ornament Set, Iconic 4 Pc. Cosmetic Organizer, Stemless Wine Glass Set, Market Tote Set and $150 Cake Bake Shop gift card

Love our new Holiday Owls pattern? It will be available to shop Thursday, October 25!

sneak peek our winter collection


This sweepstakes ends on Sunday, October 28! Enter for a chance to win before it’s too late!

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  1. Joany said on :

    Beautiful prints for Fall

  2. Mandesia said on :

    I love to shop!!!!!

  3. Donna said on :

    Love your purse styledonna

  4. Patricia said on :

    Love Vera Bradley

  5. Vicki said on :

    Love your product. Wish I could afford a purse in each design.

  6. Cindy said on :

    Please bring back the the handbag style with the metal click closure. My favorite of all your styles. The purse opened wide which provided easy access to items in the purse.

  7. barbara said on :

    I love all Vera Bradly handbags and the great way their made. I have several of them.

  8. Cindy Karls said on :

    Please make a cover for the Note 9 phone. And, add a spot for glasses.

  9. Camellia said on :

    Love this sweepstakes!

  10. Jane Downs said on :

    Love these beautiful bags and accessories

  11. Regina said on :

    Would be great if I could get Birthday discounts. I enjoy shopping with VB

  12. Vickie said on :

    Love your bags!

  13. Cindy Smoth said on :

    Vera Bradley is my favorite designer. I get a lot of compliments for how beautiful all of their things are.

  14. Fran said on :

    Vera Bradley is the best!

  15. Melissa Christian said on :

    Love my Vera!!!!! Would love this.

  16. Peg said on :

    Love the versatility of your bags!

  17. marsha silverman said on :

    Love all your products.

  18. Kelliann said on :

    I love Vera Bradley merchandise!

  19. Cathy Nelson said on :

    Love my Vera Bradley! I get compliments everywhere I go.

  20. Mary said on :

    I love my Vera Bradley bags and billfolds! I just purchased the Glenna bag and am thrilled with it!

  21. Carrie said on :

    would love to see holiday and winter patterns that involve snow, holly, etc.!!

  22. Carrie said on :

    would love to see holiday and winter patterns that involve snow, holly, etc.!!

  23. Linda said on :

    I have multiple Vera Bradley bags and two duffle bags. Nothing compares.

  24. Gina said on :

    My granddaughter and I LOVE Vera Bradley, everything!! What greatness that the company is giving back!! 🙂

  25. Deanna said on :

    Love everything Vera Bradley.💜 Even have my mom who is 79 with dementia.😢 Now loves it as much as me. Thank you.

  26. Diane said on :

    Love Vera Bradley products. Well made. Fun. Stylish. They make me smile. 👍😊

  27. Nancy said on :

    I only carry Vera bags! I use travel bags, accessories, id tags, socks, and absolutely love the blankets!

  28. Kate said on :

    I’ve been buying Vera since…if anyone remembets..the black background with chicken and eggs! Still love that bag and assesories!

  29. Elisha said on :

    L😍VE Vera Bradley! ❤

  30. Kathy Wood said on :

    Love Love Love Vera Bradley hope I WIN

  31. Brenda said on :

    I tweeted & put link on FB. It did not show those entries entered in the contest for me. Thanks for fixing.

  32. Joan said on :

    Thanks for such beautiful products.

  33. Victoria said on :

    My bag straps keep breaking. Is there some place to ship them back for repair?

  34. Judy said on :

    Great bags

  35. Sherri said on :

    Vera Bradley is the best plain and simple.

  36. Linda said on :

    I just love Vera Bradley

  37. Lynda said on :

    Always love everything!

  38. Cinnamon said on :

    Please bring back Pink Swirls!!!!!!

  39. Michelle said on :

    Yay !

  40. Kathy said on :

    Love the feminine designs of Vera Bradley. They call to an era where romance, beauty, and being feminine was more mainstream

  41. Tommie said on :

    Thank you…

  42. Susan said on :

    Love Vera Bradley!

  43. Janet Mulvaney said on :

    Love It! Have a Great Holiday! You Have Earned It!

  44. Karen said on :

    Continue making ID/Credit card carriers in patterns….I love them

  45. Donna said on :

    Love Vera Bradleys products. Many things and love them all.

  46. Noelle said on :

    Omg!! These collections are absolutely adorable!!

  47. Jeanne said on :

    I have never won anything

  48. Connie said on :

    Sounds like fun

  49. Kelly said on :

    I love all your products!! Unfortunately, last year we had a house fire and I lost them, but I am slowly starting a new collection!!

  50. Jean said on :

    Love Vera Bradley

  51. Gina said on :

    PLEASE PLEASE use lighter colored lining in bags to make it easier to find things. The top couple of inches could be matching or dark with the lower lighter colored. Thanks…. my only dislike about some VB I love my VB but my finding stuff on a black or navy background can be challenging.

  52. Vanessa said on :

    I think you should put the dessert floral design again. It was so pretty!

  53. Brenda Barber said on :

    Love love love Vera Bradley

  54. Patricia said on :

    I love Vera Bradley… Thanks you the opportunity! God bless!

  55. Terry said on :

    Love them all! Have lots of them different colors and patterns! Always look for the sakes👍

  56. Traci Baker said on :

    I love Vera Bradley products they are designed unique,, colorful, soft, lightweight and just simply cute 🛍👝👜👛

  57. Sandra Campbell said on :

    I have had lots of Vera Bradley purse’s and I really like how they last and hold up I use them every day, and now its time to buy another one or two.

  58. Wanda said on :

    I will Vera Bradley. I like everything to match!!! Job well fone💕

  59. Susan C. Jones said on :

    I have several totes and and purses and wallets. I sure could use some travel accessories and new patterns! I LOVE Vera Bradley! ❤️🤗❤️

  60. Nancy said on :

    I love Vera Bradley totes and all their pockets. Last time,we went in there my husband said something about buying stock because of the stack of bags I came out with. Lol

  61. connie said on :

    I would love to win I am not on snapchat as I don’t own a cell phone and I don’t know anyone online to refer to this awesome giveaway! Hope I win! Thanks for the chance ! connie danielson @cbootsone@charter.net

  62. Nancy said on :

    Vera Bradley items are awesome. They’re easy to use and not cumbersome four arthritic hands and shoulders, plus they’re gorgeous.

  63. Vicki said on :

    I love all my Vera Bradley bags and accessories. It’s always nice to get new ones,although I still like my older ones. I often buy some as gifts for my friends and family.

  64. Camellia said on :

    Thank you for the sweepstakes opportunity.

  65. Paula Collins said on :

    I love my Vera ..still have them from way back….remember the French one…black and white….chickens and eggs ……

  66. Becky said on :

    Everything is beautiful. I need a pick me up and would love any item in your amazing collection.

  67. Rebecca said on :

    Vera Bradley . I’ve been a captain of a relay for life! I’ve organized my team. Walk door too door to business to have them donate items. Some did most didn’t that didn’t stop me. My team continued too get items for our auction. We did bake sales. But when we called Vera Bradley out of fort Wayne in. No response! But my team was amazing they went into there own closets we auction them off! I believe in Vera Bradley!! What it stands for. Our team is no longer!

  68. Wendy Shea said on :

    very creative and unique items that anyone would enjoy getting for a present or for any occasion

  69. Dorothy said on :

    Could you consider an all white bag for next summer?

  70. Cindy Hill said on :

    Love Vera Bradley! Always shop there in Pigeon Forge and Foley when vacationing!! Have several pieces and would love to add yo my collection!!

  71. Alda said on :

    Lookig forward t the Owl collction

  72. Juanita said on :

    Please mail me a catalog please put me on the mailing list.

  73. dottie said on :

    I like shopping a Vera Bradley for special gifts.

  74. Joy said on :

    I have been a fan of Vera Bradley for years. I’m afraid I have no idea how many purses, etc I own. Great quality n styles! Always a fashion must!

  75. Sokunary said on :

    I love Vera Bradley such beautiful bags

  76. Jeannie said on :

    Thank you!! Vera Bradley makes me smile!!❤

  77. Linda said on :

    Love all the great ideas for travel and especially gifting your hostess. Your line makes one feel special . Love all the designs and prints. Thank you for caring.

  78. Laurie said on :

    Best Designs in the world !!!

  79. Lourdes del-Calvo said on :

    Just want to congratulate, Barbie, I’m so proud of you and what you have done and accomplish, your Mom (Vera) must be very proud of you as she looks down to you and your love ones from Heaven. You may not remember me, Lourdes del-Calvo, I graduated w/you ‘57. I once designed a personal family Christmas Card for you (I was in school at that time) I still have my copy…God bless and guide you always, Barbie..,,,,LOURDES

  80. Mary Gerwick said on :

    Love Vera products

  81. Tammy said on :

    Heart 82275 please let me know

  82. Glinda said on :

    If I would win it would be a miracle

  83. Susan Jense said on :

    Site says I have zero entries to win and someone else has already used my email to enter. What a cheat!

  84. Andrea said on :

    The collection is beautiful I love the 2nd one all black. Very very nice.

  85. Chaelyn said on :

    I love your bags♡♡♡

  86. Millie Raynor said on :

    I just live my vera Bradley

  87. Staci said on :

    Love Vera Bradley items.

  88. Muriel Rae Cloud said on :

    Wow! 5hanks glad to be w this site!..Thanks..:)

  89. Yolanda said on :

    Im looking forward to sporting Vera Bradley during my Travels

  90. Linda a klotz said on :

    Going on a trip to see my son and his family. I have stage 4 cancer and this trip on my list before I can’t. And like to go with new travel bags. And I can’t afford them. Be nice to win. I hoping I do.

  91. Beverly said on :

    As a cruise ship x-ray passenger baggage screener…I get to see all of Vera Bradley!❤☺

  92. Norma said on :

    Looks like awesome packages regardless of which one you get would be happy with any of these prizes I look forward to winning myself good luck everyone

  93. connie said on :

    will not take my bday

  94. Virginia said on :

    These are so pretty. I love them and would love to own one.

  95. Susan said on :

    I love all my Vera Bradley products! They have been my favorites for a long time!

  96. Charlene Bednarz said on :

    Love ,Love ,your items,Thank you for a chance to win a brand new one……

  97. Linda said on :

    To win this would be a dream of a life time for me. I have never had something so nice.

  98. Martha Simmons said on :

    Beautiful pieces

  99. Cynthia said on :

    I’ve been a Vera Bradley lover for over 40 years! I own 36 totes/purses and 47 items all together! LOVE the patterns! I’m definitely a VERA girl!

  100. Donna said on :

    When you click like on the Vera FB page it doesn’t direct you to FB, saying error in redirecting. TY for you help. Donna Sullivan

  101. Donna said on :

    When you click like on the Vera FB page it doesn’t direct you to FB, saying error in redirecting. Went back again, FB is saying your page got too many likes through the auto like. I went to FB and was able to like by searching your name. TY for you help. Donna Sullivan

  102. Patricia Moreno said on :

    After 40 years I have successfully quit cigarettes cold Turkey and am hoping to treat myself to a owl verabradley!

  103. Peggy said on :

    love love love Vera Bradley Going on a cruise Nov 5th this is would a wonderful birthday gift for me Nov 20th to take on the cruise

  104. Sheila said on :

    What a thoughtful idea when the holidays can be so stressful.
    Thank you 😊

  105. Tracy Schoenhard said on :

    I really like the New Iconic Garment/bag that converts into a duffle. Does it come in other prints? Ive only seen black and a floral print.

  106. Susan said on :

    I purchased a RFID Crossings bag based on the dimensions listed in the product description, however, because of the way the sections are stitched, the inside is too narrow for my phone. Can you add inside dimensions to your product descriptions please?

  107. Catherine isom said on :

    You have beautiful things. I’ve never shopped with you. But I’m excited to start. Thank you.

  108. Pj said on :

    I would like to enter to win a gift package, but I am being turned away. The max number of likes has been met, so I can’t like the Vera Bradley fb page
    Hope we still get officially entered instead of missing out. First time seeing this & it’s 10/24/18!

  109. Dawn said on :

    Love all Vera products! Can’t go wrong!

  110. Teri said on :

    Thanks for the opportunity for your Oct going home for the holidays Sweeps! I work for a major Retail chain,Lots of my Customers own Vera Bradley products! I can pick them out everytime ! I love their travel line .I would love to win a set for my very own.Thank You! Teri

  111. Kathryn said on :

    I am proud to say I was fortunate to meet the Real Vera Bradley at the Atlanta gift market when they were selling the line in the temporary exibits. She was very kind and complimented me on my yellow outfit.I cannot remember the year ,but definitely remember her!

  112. Mary said on :


  113. Linda said on :

    I love Vera bags. I always buy bags for Birthday or Christmas gifts. Thank you ! Linda

  114. Charlotte said on :

    LOVE Vera Bradley Bags and EVERYTHING!

  115. Susan said on :

    The large totem is mu favorite travel bag! It holds lots of clothes, has an end pocket for jewelry and items like hairbrush and saline and of course is very stylish! I have converted my mother-in-law to love this bag as well. 😊

  116. Phyllis Howard said on :

    I like to be put in the sweekstake.

  117. Sue Clarke said on :

    Thanks for the chance to win. Love the new owl pattern!

  118. Robin said on :

    I love these prints

  119. Vera Bradley Where the Heart Is Sweepstakes – Last Minute Giveaways said on :

    […] Vera Bradley […]

  120. Alida said on :

    Wonderful items to haon any day trip whether it planned or informal.

  121. Pam said on :

    Love Vera Bradley Products!

  122. Rebeckah G. Aujaghian said on :

    list the prices for the owl market tote set pieces so we can plan what to buy!

  123. Miram said on :

    I love vera products

  124. Linda said on :

    I love my Vera. I have been using it for over 20 years and just have to add a new design piece I love its duribility and the light weight. It’s the best. I still have all I have purchased pluse I love to give as gifts. It is a part of our daily items.

  125. Ashley said on :

    Love love Vera Bradley!

  126. Shae said on :

    Wow these products from Vera Bradley look amazing i am such a fan of this brand…gorgeous so hopefully a nice trip soon to go with it…so excited..fingers crossed and thanks for opportunity!

  127. Cindy said on :

    Win win

  128. Corine said on :

    I love an can use a new backpack bah purse never had one

  129. Kelly said on :


  130. Angela said on :

    Have you announced who won the giveaway? Thanks 😊

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