50 Ways to Use
the Iconic Ditty Bag

If you asked ten different Vera Bradley associates what they can’t travel without, you’ll likely get the same answer each time — the Iconic Ditty Bag. The Ditty Bag may be small, but it’s mighty and there’s certainly a reason it’s everyone’s go-to. It’s an ongoing joke around our office that there are 50 ways to use the Ditty Bag. We don’t like to just talk the talk, we want to prove it. So, we asked our associates their favorite way to use their Ditty Bags — from quirky to genius, their responses did not disappoint. Get out your favorite Ditty Bag and let’s get started!

50 ways to use the ditty bag


for traveling…

01 Separate out your clean and dirty clothes

02 Store your power cords and battery pack

03 Organize your hairbrush, comb, hair ties and bobby pins

04 Keep your valuables (AKA — keys, passports, additional cash) in one place

05 Store your shoes to keep your clothes clean when packing

06 Tuck away your plane necessities: fuzzy socks, book, ear plugs and eye mask

07 Keep your car essentials together for easy access including a first aid kit, registration and insurance, car wipes and a back-up air freshener


for organization…

08 Store your belts in your closet (instead of on the floor)

09 Wrap up your scarves and tuck inside for easy access

10 Stash your seasonal accessories during their “off-season”

11 Use as your go-to holder for clothes hangers

12 Keep socks and tights from going missing with a go-to place in your closet


for summertime…

13 Tuck away your wet swimsuit after a day at the pool

14 Use as your amusement park bag (it’s lightweight and can be worn as a backpack)!

15 Place snacks inside for road trips and beach days

16 Hold your sunscreen, sunglasses and beach scarf for the lake

17 Separate out your kiddos’ beach toys

18 Keep your phone, keys and wallet safe and dry on the shore

19 Repurpose as your road-trip activities bag with a deck of cards, book, coloring book, etc.


for working out…

20 Use as a mini laundry bag with your dirty clothes post-workout

21 Separate out your sports gear — anything from knee pads and gloves to ballet shoes

22 Keep an extra workout outfit on hand for last-minute spin classes


for mamas…

23 Separate out diapers and wipes on-the-go for easy access

24 Place your kiddo’s hat, gloves and scarf inside so they don’t lose them at school

25 Tuck away baby shoes for a long trip

26 Use as a sleepover bag with their pajamas, slippers and toothbrush

27 Keep an extra change of clothes for the baby (in case of emergency)

28 Store bath toys all in one place

29 Put in your hospital go-bag to store your cosmetics (if you’re feeling ambitious)

30 Store picnic day essentials: hand sanitizer, sunscreen, wipes and stain remover

31 Keep a baby blanket and stuffed animal inside for day-trips

32 Place stray LEGOs inside (so you don’t step on them)


for college students…

33 Use as your in-between classes snack bag — fill with granola bars, an apple, sandwich and fruit snacks

34 Put your work uniform inside for days when you go straight from campus to work

35 Pack your overnight beauty essentials: glasses or contact case, make-up wipes and moisturizer

36 Store your laundry supplies from dryer sheets to detergent pods (warning: do not eat)

37 Stash an extra pair of shoes to change into once you get to class


for just about anything and everything…

38 Organize your camping dishes for meals: plates, napkins and utensils

39 Use as a giftbag for the holidays for small gifts

40 Store rainy day must-haves (umbrella, light rain jacket, etc.) in your car

41 Freshen up on-the-go with a travel toothbrush, deodorant, body mist and dry shampoo

42 Stow your pup’s treats, harness and leash for doggy daycare

43 Use as a Halloween trick-or-treat bag

44 Save and store reusable plastic bags

45 Wear as a backpack for a quick farmer’s market run

46 Repurpose as a fun stocking alternative for the holidays

47 Store hiking supply kit with bug spray, a first-aid kit and sunscreen

48 Use as a dog park bag with a collapsible water dish, fetch toy and treats

49 Stow card and dice games so they don’t get lost

50 Organize gift-wrapping supplies including ribbons, tape and labels

What’s your favorite way to use the Iconic Ditty Bag? Share below in the comments!





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  1. Sue said on :

    I use mine for crochet projects.

  2. Cindy said on :

    I use mine as a knitting “project” bag.

  3. Connie said on :

    I keep my medications in mine so it’s grab and go!!

  4. Katrina said on :

    I use mine to store ice packs, thin enough that I can still feel it and the lining help keeps it cooler longer. I’ve also used mine to carry wine and growlers! One of my very favorite vera items-and one of the few things I’ll get twice!

  5. Misty said on :

    use it as a project bag for knitting or crocheting

  6. Roxann said on :

    I have a few but one of them I use for my bingo bag!

  7. Catherin said on :

    I would love it if Vera Bradley had a purse with a center zippered pocket. I won’t buy a purse without one!

  8. Kathy C said on :

    I use as a lunch bag. When I have larger container than my normal, fits perfectly! Kathy C.

  9. Susan said on :

    I use my ditty bag for perfume, nail polish remover and other liquids such as cough medicine that exceed TSA guidelines. I pop the ditty in my checked bag knowing my clothes will be spill-free

  10. Judy said on :

    My favorite way is to carry snacks to work or on a plane flight. I especially like to have the matching cross body purse to go with it! ☺

  11. Louise said on :

    Project bag for knitting

  12. Anne said on :

    I keep items i a ditty bag I’ve collected in my hope chest for grandchildren and keep a knitting project in another. I gave a friend one to keep her knitting in since she was using a plastic grocery bag!

  13. Lee Ann said on :

    I absolutely love ditty bags!! I have several and have given several to friends. My latest use is as a “to go”. bag. When eating out, I often can’t finish my meal so ask for a doggie bag. Problem is, they usually put the food in styrofoam which is horrible for the environment. I’ve started taking a reusable container with me when I dine. I also often ask for the remainder of my beverage to go. I now keep a ditty bag with drink tumblers and food containers in my car.

  14. Christine said on :

    Make different size ditty bags with ID TAG like the lunch bags

  15. Patricia said on :

    For knitters, it makes the perfect project bag. It is just the right size to hold a pattern, needles, yarn and essentials needed to make a pair of socks.

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  17. Sonya said on :

    Perfect for crochet projects when traveling, at sporting events or just on-the-go in between appointments.

  18. VICTORIA said on :

    I bought this ditty bag for a friend that has medical needs to be close with her regardless of where she is. Well, when I got the bag, I realized I need one just to have for trips that will keep clean clothes from dirty clothes etc. great idea and pretty too.

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