5 Clever Ways this Jewelry Organizer Makes Life Easier

When it comes to jewelry, the biggest struggle isn’t deciding which piece you want to wear in the morning. It’s spending 30 minutes detangling a necklace, crawling around the bathroom floor searching for the left earring of your favorite pair of hoops and keeping the leather band on your swanky watch looking clean. We understand the constant frustration that is knowing where all your jewelry is while keeping these accessories in pristine condition. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire blog post to the real MVP: our Iconic Ultimate Jewelry Organizer.

We’re highlighting five reasons why this accessory is a lifesaver for time spent getting ready and a jewelry saver for all the shiny pieces that you cherish.


a thoughtful hook

We know that when it comes to picking your outfit for the day, you want easy access to all of your options! That’s why we love the hook feature on our jewelry organizer. You can hang it on any hook in your bathroom to get a view of every pocket and piece of jewelry in the bag. No more scrambling around your drawers to find the earrings you wore two weeks ago.


pockets on pockets

For jewelry, it’s all about keeping each piece isolated from one another. That’s why our designers added zippered pockets of all sizes to house every accessory. Whether it’s statement earrings, a delicate necklace or a chunky bracelet, there’s a pocket perfectly sized for your trinkets.


easy access

While statement jewelry for special occasions is fun, the most important pieces are the staples you wear every day. This is why we love the removable earring holder. This interior strap takes the worry out of knowing where your favorite studs are and makes it even easier to grab them and go as you’re heading out the door. Plus, we love that you can easily slip rings on the strap.


tangled necklaces be gone

This next feature is for all the ladies out there who have ever opened a small box of jewelry to find a delicate necklace tangled in a web of knots around a pair of earrings or a bracelet. Our organizer has you covered with five necklace holders. As these snaps keep your necklaces large and small in place, you can say goodbye to solving the tiresome puzzle that is detangling necklaces.


one last pocket

As if this weren’t all enough, we’ve got one more large pocket to hold whatever else your heart desires. We like to use this extra space to tuck away our favorite neck scarves, but it’s also perfect to hold those bold statement necklaces that demand a spot of their own.



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