Everything You Need to Pack for an Overseas Trip

If summer has given you a major case of wanderlust, you’re not alone. Summer is the best time to plan your long getaways to far-away destinations. If your travel plans are bringing you across the pond this year, having the right travel bags is crucial. Traveling abroad requires more planning than your typical vacation, so you need to plan ahead! Brand Marketing Manager, Jillian, recently took a ten-day trip to Ireland. See her ultimate international travel tips and how to be a savvier packer for your next overseas trip!

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brand marketing manager

destination: ireland

favorite travel bag: large hardside spinner


“My favorite place that I visited in Ireland was the Cliffs of Moher because they were so beautiful and picturesque — and also ‘The Princess Bride’ was shot there!”



“For my carry-on bag, I brought the Iconic Weekender Travel Bag. This was my dedicated shoe bag, but then I also packed important essentials like my Fleece Travel Blanket.”



“Lighten Up is great because it’s durable, lightweight and because it’s a water-repellent fabrication.”



“Not only did [the Iconic Pill Case] keep all my vitamins organized … but I also used the extra compartment for earrings like my pearls!”



“My top travel tip is to plan your outfits ahead of time to make sure you’re not overpacking because you’re going to want that space on the way back for souvenirs.”


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For more travel tips, check out our international travel packing list. Are road trips more your style? See everything you need to prep before your next road trip to make it the best ever!

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