Everything You Need to Pack For Your Beach Vacation

With summer in full swing, we have vacation on the mind. Over the last week, we’ve shared how to get ready and what to pack for your weekend road trip and a week-long overseas trip. Today, we’re going to the beach! Although any vacation is always highly anticipated, beach vacations are one of our favorites. There is nothing quite as relaxing as unplugging and lying in the sun all day. You never have to set a morning alarm and the only routine part of your day is your afternoon trip to the swim-up bar. Beach getaways are meant to be stress-free, so your packing and vacation prep should follow suit. Here are our top tips for packing and preparing for your summer beach retreat.

what to pack

Beach vacations are great, because you don’t need to pack very much! Summer clothes and swimwear take up minimal space, so whether you’re flying or driving to the shore, a carry-on size travel bag should be sufficient. We love the Iconic Small Spinner since it’s durable enough to endure the chaos of the airport, but small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. You’ll easily be able to fit your outfits, beach cover-up and swimsuits, along with your beauty essentials!

Since you obviously won’t roll your luggage with you onto the beach, you’ll want to pack a separate beach bag. Our Straw Beach Tote is spacious enough to fit your beach towel, flip flops, a cover-up and sunscreen! Pack your sunscreen, aloe and moisturizer separately in the Lotion Bag for easy access and to prevent any spills! Toss in an Iconic Ditty Bag for your wet swimsuit at the end of the day and you’ll be good to go!

how to prep

overpack (your sunscreen)

Everyone loves getting a good tan, but it’s easy to get overconfident and skimp on the sunscreen. Depending on your beach, you might be closer to the equator and more likely to get burned. We believe you can never pack too much sunscreen and you should always bring a higher SPF than you think you need! It’s better to come back with a light glow than a lobster burn, right?

double-up on swimsuits

No one likes getting into a wet swimsuit. Pack a second (or third depending on the length of your trip) swimsuit so you can alternate! You will be so happy you did!

pedi prep

It’s sandal season and your toes are going to see plenty of sun at the beach. Give them some love with a pre-trip pedicure, so you can feel confident in your flip flops.

shop beach must-haves

Trading in your beach vacation for a lake weekend this summer? Pack these five blogger-approved lake weekend essentials!

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