Everything You Need to Pack for Your Weekend Road Trip

Summer is hands-down the best time of year. The weather is beautiful, days are long and weekends are filled with all of the fun. There is no better time to plan a vacation, so get ready for plenty of last-minute road trips! The best road trips aren’t planned, but rather spontaneous decisions that lead to the best memories. Since you’re bound to have a few of these in the coming weeks, it’s good to be prepared.

We like to be ready for an adventure at a moment’s notice, so we always have our travel essentials on hand for quick and easy packing. If packing isn’t your forte, we have your back. There are a few things we prep at the beginning of the summer, so we’re prepared for any last-minute road trip.

what to pack

Before you think about what to pack, you need to have a bag to pack it all in. Our Iconic Large Travel Duffel was made for road trips. It’s incredibly spacious in size, with a soft and flexible shape, making it perfect for fitting it in the trunk or behind the seat.

casual clothing

If you’re going to be sitting in the car for most of your journey, comfort is key. Pack casual, comfortable outfits that you won’t mind sitting in for hours on end. There’s nothing wrong with living in tees, shorts and sneakers (it is summer after all)!


One of the best ways to save money on the road is by bringing a cooler! Our Iconic Stay Cooler is a great size to fit several drinks of choice for you and your vacation crew. You can also fit some cold snacks like fresh fruit and cheese!

grab and go bag

The last thing you need is a huge bag to carry around when trying to explore. For any trip, we recommend using a hands-free style like a crossbody bag. Crossbodies are great for vacation since they’re lightweight and fit just the essentials.

just the essentials

We always recommend that frequent travelers have a cosmetic bag that is always ready for go-time. Stock an Iconic Medium Cosmetic with a few make-up essentials, dry shampoo, deodorant and anything else you need to get ready in a pinch. When you agree to a last-minute trip, you can simply drop this in your duffel and not have to worry about forgetting a necessity.

how to prep

make a playlist

We’re not trying to be dramatic, but a playlist can make or break your road trip. Drives can be long and if you don’t have the perfectly curated song selection, you’ll get tired and bored in no time. We always create a long, upbeat playlist at the beginning of the summer and just shuffle it for every road trip. If music doesn’t keep you awake in the car, queue up a few podcasts before you go!

pack your snacks

Snacks are what turn your drive from a long commute into an actual road trip. Pack a Market Tote full of your favorite healthy snacks (and maybe a few treats, too)!

do your research

One of the best parts of a road trip is simply enjoying the ride. Research ahead of time to find the best stops to make along the way. Whether you like to squeeze in a bit of shopping at an outlet shopping center or just need to know where you can get really good coffee, you’ll be happy to have it mapped out ahead of time!

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What do you do to prepare for your summer trips? Comment below with your best tips! If your road trip takes you to the lake, pack these essentials. For more packing ideas, read up on Lake Shore Lady’s travel essentials and more blogger-approved travel tips.

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