Pack These 5 Honeymoon Items, But Leave These 3 Out

May is the unofficial kickoff of wedding season and the invitations are rolling in. Although your weekends are filling up quickly (as they do every summer) with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings for your girlfriends, this year is a little different. It’s finally your turn to walk down the aisle!

The past several months have been filled with plenty of meetings, invitation-designing, dress fittings and food tastings, but after you say “I do”, you need to switch gears to the honeymoon. With the chaos of planning a wedding, you haven’t thought much about the honeymoon since you booked the trip. You and your soon-to-be-hubby deserve this relaxing getaway, so we don’t want you to stress on the packing list. In addition to your clothes and travel essentials, here are the must-haves you should pack in your honeymoon bag and a few things you should leave behind.


5 thing to pack for your honeymoon


Drawstring Family Tote

The Drawstring Family Tote is the perfect beach bag for traveling. It can easily collapse and fit into your luggage, taking up minimal space on the way there and can serve as a carry-on for your trip back if you happen to pick up a few souvenirs. On the beach, you’ll love the cinching mesh top so you can shake out the sand without having your belongings spill out. Plus, this style is monogrammable, so you can personalize it for your trip however you like! Personally, we like “Mrs.” or “newlywed”.

Beach Cosmetic

This clear cosmetic is not just for the beach, but perfect to hold your beauty essentials on the plane. When you arrive, swap out your cosmetics for your phone, keys and sunscreen and bring it to the shore. Your belongings will stay water- and sand-free while you relax in the sun.

Beach Scarf

We know you value versatility as much as we do, so we know you’ll love our Beach Scarf. This oversized scarf does double-duty (even triple), to be worn as a sarong at the beach, a scarf on the go or even a light blanket on the plane! Consider it your “something blue” for the honeymoon!

Flip Flops

There is nothing worse than going to the beach and realizing you only have sneakers and dressy shoes. Eliminate the potential sandy disaster by bringing a pair of flip flops. We know you have some really cute sandals in your wardrobe, but make sure you bring one pair of beach-appropriate shoes!

Ditty Bag

What is the one thing you should always bring on a trip? Our answer: the Iconic Ditty Bag. We often joke that there are 100 ways to use the Ditty Bag, but there’s some truth in that statement. Use it to carry your wet swimsuit, separate your shoes when you pack or swing it over your shoulder when making an ice cream run!

what to skip


Beach Towel

Unless you have a lot of extra space in your luggage, we recommend skipping the beach towel. These can take up a lot of space, especially when you’ll likely be provided with towels at the resort. But, if your hubby happens to have extra space, this one would look great with your beach bag!


We know it may be tempting to bring your laptop just in case, but it’s your honeymoon! You (hopefully) will only do this once, so you need to make it count. Immerse yourself in the laid-back beach town culture and just enjoy some time off in the company of your other half. The emails certainly can wait until you land.

Extra Pair of Shoes

It’s easy to get carried away with packing extra outfits and shoes, but realistically, you’re giving to be living in your flip flops (or be barefoot) the majority of the trip. You should bring one pair of dressier shoes for date night and flip flops for the beach. If you’re planning some excursions, don’t forget sneakers! Those cute gladiator lace-up sandals? Leave them at home (you’ll thank us when you don’t have really crazy tan lines)!

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