On My Way
Summer 2018 Sweepstakes

It’s time to turn your tassel and take on new adventures. Enter for a chance to win the ultimate graduation gift set!

two ways to enter

Text ONMYWAY to 82275 or Fill out the form below

On My Way Sweepstakes

grand prize

One lucky Grand Prize Winner will receive a gift set filled with travel, organization and home essentials perfect for the next journey, whether it’s graduating, moving or just a refreshing new start (a $1,986 total value). See everything you could win in our Grand Prize package below.



first prize

Five First Prize Winners will receive a gift set of hands-free options that will take you to campus or beyond in style (a $134 value each).

Five lucky runners-up can start planning their next adventure with these travel staples.
Styles: Lighten Up Frame Backpack, Medium Planner, and Ink Pen Set


While you wait to see if you’ve won, build a graduation gift set for the grad in your life with our easy tips.



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  1. Lorraine Stiles said on :

    I love your bags with the prints on them. The prints are so refreshing !

  2. Bernice said on :

    Thanks for allowing me to enter this! LOVE VERA BRADLEY bags!

  3. Bernice said on :

    I just love my new travel bag with the rollers on the bottom.

  4. Marilyn said on :

    I have been a v.b. client since the late 1980 zzzzzz and have devoted a closet to everything I have and am still adding to it. Besides my daughters and daughter in laws and 6 grandgirls, I have outfitted, each college girl gets a complete set of one specific pattern. Always adding. At my age, winning something like this would be a highlight of my life that I could brag about winning but also bringing in more clients after telling everyone I won. I still have 2 more fans to get ready for college.

  5. Beth Bass said on :

    I ADORE Vera Bradley products. No idea how many I have. Love the lightweight, lots of interior and exterior pockets on bags like Small Vera Tote and Mandy

  6. Sylvia said on :

    Really wish Vera Bradley would do animal prints. I wanted the penguin print so badly, but was sold out:(

  7. Tammie said on :

    It’s a beautiful day!
    Live your new patterns!

  8. Brenda Riley said on :

    Love their products

  9. Margaret said on :

    Do you have diaper bags for twins?

  10. Sonia said on :


  11. Lisa marie said on :

    My daughter buys boo coos of merchandise from you guys

  12. Bernadette said on :

    I would like to see more items designed for men and boys. I purchase a lot of gifts for girls but need some for boys (school aged). Thanks.

  13. Louise said on :

    I bought totes for teacher gifts…..they were very excited and appreciated!

  14. Betty Nusbaum said on :

    Have always loved the Vera Bradley products. From the
    Outlet stores, on line, & any-
    where else. THANK YOU!!

  15. Pat said on :

    I gave 4 Vera Blankets as Christmas gifts since we live in snow country. I explained that these blankets were perfect to keep in the car in case of emergency. Every person that received one said it was the nicest blanket they ever owned. I have 3 of my own and I totally agree.

  16. Pat said on :

    I have 24 Vera Pens that I absolutely love. I gave my daughter 4 of them for Christmas to start her collection. She loves them as much as I do. You could say I’m addicted. YUP… You’d be right. 🙂

  17. Nancy said on :

    I tried to enter your gi.veway but couldn’t complete it because I don’t have a
    Facebook account & do not want to open one. I really don’t think it was a fair.

  18. Jennie said on :

    Had lots of fun at your big sale!👍🏻

  19. Michelle Blackmon said on :

    Hi I’m having a hard time trying to enter your contest! What’s happening??

  20. Susan said on :

    A smile costs nothing to give, it just might brighten someones Day!

  21. Sally said on :

    I love Vera Bradley and now my 3 granddaughters love it also, especially the two oldest girls who are now in college. What fun it would be to win this contest!!!

  22. Rachel said on :

    I sure do miss the long trifold wallets and checkbook covers!

  23. Ada Ruth Short said on :

    What a great way to treat any gal who loves what ever is needed to be be organized in life with great style
    Thanks Vera Bradley!

  24. Sarah McQueary said on :

    I Love Vera Bradley<3 I have bought several purses w/ coordinating items along w/ overnight travel bags, perfumes, candles, & jewelry! I Love the Superior Guest Service I receive in Store & Excellent Online Promotions too! I Enjoy being able to buy products for myself and share my Love of Vera for Family & Friends! Looking to purchase a Tablet Cover & New Bag Soon 🙂

  25. Patricia said on :

    I can never have enough Vera Bradley’s !

  26. Anna said on :

    I’m a vera bradley phanatic .love all the patterns

  27. Cathy said on :

    The newest collections are truly Beautiful and not dated looking

  28. Kerry said on :

    Love Vera products! 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  29. Nancy said on :

    Have a clearance sale on blankets please its spring.

  30. Connie said on :

    Love my Vera Bradley purse. Lots of deep pockets. Got lots of compliments from friends, relatives and strangers .
    The colors are bright and go with every other colors.

  31. Cleo Gabagat said on :

    Love all Vera Bradley products. I can hardly afford it so just waiting for good clearance sale.

  32. Carolyn Maslin said on :

    Is there an age limit for winning the graduation pack for our graduating granddaughter? Once I put in my birthday, it wouldn’t let me continue.

  33. Carolyn said on :

    Thank you for opening a store on Gullfport, MS. I love Vera Bradley products!

  34. Becky said on :

    Love the new spring patterns!

  35. Patsy said on :

    Love all Vera Bradley Products!!

  36. Nancy said on :

    I have lots of purses!! Love them all!!

  37. Susan said on :

    Vera Bradley has the most beautiful bags. I love the designs and patterns, they are very unique.

  38. Judi said on :

    My birthday is coming soon (June 1st)… 😉😉😉

  39. Candace said on :

    I am excited about maybe winning this great gift!! I have told a lot of my friends about surprise win!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed. I love all your products. I have a few but really would like more!!!!!!! 😃❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Ann said on :

    I love everything Vera. I have so many Vera Bradley items and love all of them.

  41. Joyce said on :


  42. Yvonne said on :

    Bring back the full apron please!

  43. Amanda said on :

    This was a cute & fun giveaway!! Love Vera!!’

  44. Beverly said on :

    Enjoy all my Vera items—- make nice gifts!!!

  45. Nancy said on :

    Love your stuff

  46. Dawn Stewart said on :

    I love the products.

  47. Karen said on :

    Best online order company ever! I bought an email gift (very cool) and after sent out to the recipient, I get notified of a $12.34 credit to my charge account because a sale had gone into effect. WHAT?!? They are amazing and the products never disappoint! Long time customer who shops outlet, store and online!!

  48. Paula P Boyette said on :

    I love Vera Bradley but will not buy anything else. Have done this for years.

  49. Marsha said on :

    I love Vera Bradley…all colors and styles.

  50. Tracey Smithee said on :

    Vera Bradley is not just an expensive, trendy, frivolous fad! Vera Bradley ‘purses’ bring people together! I have a bunch but I’ve given more away than I own! Why? Because the quality is 2nd to none! The variety of both styles and patterns it’s almost exhaustive! And, because it doesn’t matter whether the girl is 13 or nearing 80… There is something for everyone AND, the sales and other opportunities to buy bags/purses at a discount keep even someone on Disability “in the hunt”! Thank you!

  51. Kelly said on :

    Love your stuff. Just bought 60 travel bags to give as favors for a bridal shower!! Can’t beat the quality and style!

  52. Joy said on :

    Have many Vera products. Love them all!

  53. Dixie said on :

    I love vera bradley and they are easy to keep clean!!!!!

  54. Julie said on :

    Thank you to Vera Bradley for creating such beautiful, toteable art to brighten up everyday life and spread around some cheer. People never fail to comment positively on my V.B. bags and aparrel when I’m out and about.

  55. Pamela said on :

    Love the new colors and patterns!

  56. Leslie said on :

    Love my new collection I bought three for holiday gifts

  57. Doreen said on :

    Love all your products. Especially the luggage!

  58. dorothy said on :

    I love your products.

  59. MELISSA said on :

    I’m EXCITED about the Graduation Gift Set and praying that I receive the grand prize!!! I am a “Seasoned Scholar “ and graduate with my first Bachelors degree on May 20 🎉

  60. Wanda said on :

    Luv Vera ♥️

  61. Yolanda Landes said on :

    I truly Ike my purse I get a lot of compliments. I enjoy shopping at the store at the Beltmore here in Phoenix, AZ the Manager Trissa and her sales associates make me feel like i’m Very special.

  62. Kim Steffen said on :

    Vera is my favorite!!

  63. Stacia said on :

    Love Vera Bradley! Everything…

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  65. Shawna said on :

    Great item love to have it

  66. Mili shah said on :

    Just adore Vera Bradley products, they are unique in their own way from stunning colors to wide varities, just eye-catchy!

  67. Desiree said on :

    I entered the sweepstake for my son who has autism and is going to college and giving him a new room would be the icing on the cake, with all the things he has gone through. I hope we win.

  68. Paula said on :

    Bright and beautiful!!!!!

  69. Maureen said on :

    Wish you had a wheeled bag in fuscia!

  70. Becky said on :

    I love Vera Bradly! We don’t have one in our city, but when I go to K.C where my son lives, that’s the first place I go when I shop!

  71. Stephanie said on :

    I love VB products My husband and kids just bought a lanyard today and a little ID wallet for me today . I’m so excited to show my friends tomorrow at work .

  72. Sandra said on :

    Love Versa bags! Always have a lot of room in them and the colors are amazing.

  73. Kay said on :

    Your website has always been difficult and I’ve shopped with you for over ten years

  74. Lisa said on :

    I may have a small addiction to ‘Vera Bradley’ Naa. I’m good! Is there such a thing as too much VB? Lol.

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  76. Debra said on :

    Being on a fixed income, it would be so amazing to win this contest! These are things that I could never afford to buy for myself, but I love your designs!

  77. Jennifer said on :

    My daughter annie is graduating in a couple weeks! I have never met anyone that has worked so hard . For the last 4 years while everyone else were doing parties and having fun my daughter worked! Her GPA is a 4.3 we thought we had it all wrapped up and the only thing left was the SAT and she was as ready as she could be. The night before the test my Mom and Annie s Grandma and best friend passed away. There was no way Annie could take it with no sleep. She rescheduled it . She is extremely depressed. With all odds against her she stilled managed to get scholarship. Since Harvey and my mom’s funeral all of our savings for her dorm are pretty much gone and it breaks my heart that I’m not able to get anything .. She is the sweetest girl. She had worked all year r to go on her Sr trip and instead she ended up spending it on a beautiful portrait of my mom and me with the most beautiful frame!please show my little girl that when u do good things good things happen to you.

  78. On My Way Sweepstakes | PrimoSweeps said on :

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  79. BARBARA said on :

    I live Vera Bradley. A size for all needs.

  80. Jeni said on :

    Thank you for the chance to win this amazing giveaway! Love Vera Bradley!

  81. Helen said on :

    Love all Vera Bradley products !!

  82. Paula said on :

    Been a VB girl for years . Love it when us “girls ” spot each other by our bags when were out and about . Its like belonging to a big girly family . Gotta love ya some Vera 👜

  83. Patricia said on :

    Please help me. I have 12 of your bags and need to replace the handles. What do you suggest or do you have a product already there? I love my bags and adore your products. Please help me to save them. Thank you so much for your help.

  84. Joyce said on :

    I love my Vera Bradley Carson Mini Crossbody Super Bloom purse. It is just the correct size for a short 5ft. gal like me. The side zipper for my phone is so convenient. Got all my stuff plus glasses inside. Please always keep the inside zipper pocket and at least 2 slip pockets.

  85. Sylvia Johnson said on :

    Love Vera Bradley

  86. Kazuko said on :

    Ii like to see more new products.

  87. Jeanne said on :

    OMG! My oldest graduates next year and this would be the *perfect* way to set her up for success in college.

  88. Judy said on :

    I love your styles and prices are not bad either. Love going to the store in Michigan City, Indiana.

  89. DEBORAH GILMORE said on :


  90. Carole said on :

    I love everything Vera Bradley!!

  91. Nancy R Horne-Clare said on :

    I have a Granddaughter graduating in a few days who would just love to have this gift.

  92. Tammy said on :

    💗Love🌸 Vera Bradley🌸🌿

  93. Lezlie said on :

    Love Vera Bradley….I never leave home without her..lol

  94. N A Munnings said on :

    Love these products

  95. virginiavv said on :

    Very good quality

  96. Leslie said on :

    Love Love love Vera Bradley!!!

  97. Genny said on :

    I LOVE Vera Bradley products!! All your products meet what I need!

  98. Rekha said on :

    Love my Vera Bradley duffel bag and purse .

  99. Carol said on :

    Thank you for this contest for those of us who shop online!

  100. Ivette said on :


  101. Mary said on :

    I just got my new bag in Water Bouquet!!! I love this pattern, it’s very vintage looking and the color is BEAUTIFUL 💕

  102. Ulala said on :

    Vera Bradley has signature look its for all woman. Your color are out of this wolrd.

  103. Dolores said on :

    Just love Vera Bradley!!! Feel like a million dollars when I am sporting anything Vera Bradley!

  104. Pat said on :

    Have always loved anything (and everything) cry

    I have always loved Vera Bradley and never seen a collection I disliked but have always had to spend time deciding which one (or ones) were calling my name!

  105. Karla said on :

    The Best Brand ever!! ♥️🎗

  106. Robin said on :

    Love, Love, Love all my Vera Bradley bags. You can never have too many.

  107. Victoria said on :

    I have been buying Vera Bradley since 1999. I still have and use each and every piece of my Vera collection, even though I keep buying more. I have everything from Checkbook covers, to pocketbooks, backpacks, to lots of piece’s of laugage. I LOVE ALL MY VERA BRADLEY!! I have never had to return any piece because it did not hold up. I love the patterns, bright colors, prints, and how much I can pack in one extra large duffle bag. I use my totes for work, and they hold alot. I love all the little pieces that keeps me organized. I must have at least 200 pieces of Vera. A lot of everything! It’s just so rich feeling, and the prints so beautiful. Time for more. You can’t have enough Vera Bradley!!!

  108. Tricia said on :

    Love Vera Bradley! I had to order the new pattern when it came out on April 12th! LOVE IT!!

  109. Beverly said on :

    Love everything I have gotten and have gotten birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for my family and friends. It is alway fun to purchase when you have your sales and put things away so you won’t be rushed at the holidays

  110. Denise said on :

    Love Vera Bradley. Always & Forever!

  111. Trudy said on :

    I shared on Facebook & tweeted & did got get credit for them!!

  112. Barb said on :

    I don’t feel complete leaving the house without a Vera by my side!

  113. Lorraine said on :

    Love your grand totes! Love all your products!💕

  114. Kristi said on :

    I absolutely love Vera Bradley my closet is so full it looks like she threw up in it lol

  115. Barb said on :

    I love all my Vera Bradley stuff. I have a couple of different matching purses and totes for college! I just can’t get enough and I love telling my friends about the great savings I have found online!!

  116. Beverly said on :

    I love everything I have gotten from Vera Bradley, so much that I have gotten birthday presents for my family and friends and feel comfortable knowing they will love Vera Bradley. I have introduced my granddaughter to your products and she has made several purchases, think she has become a fan too.

  117. Theress said on :

    I’d love to win any of the great stuff!!!

  118. Theresa said on :

    I’d be honored to win either prize!!!’

  119. Cinn said on :

    I miss Pink Swirls!!!!!

  120. Kathy said on :

    I love Vera Bradley’s products and would also love to win. Thank you for giving us the chance to do so.

  121. Priya said on :

    Amazing collection

  122. Pat Wyman said on :

    Love my Vera Bradley sets! I have many! I use my backpacks when I take my grandkids on outings.

  123. Michelle said on :

    Great ideas for gifts! Virtually limitless options & combinations. Already planning my next trip in my head — with fabulous travel essentials & accessories!!

  124. Sonja said on :

    I just graduated nursing school and love that Vera is doing something awesome for graduates! I love the company!

  125. Cat said on :

    I don’t buy VB as much anymore (cost concerns and budget), BUT, I wish you had more microfiber options b/c I like how the microfiber always makes me feel put-together and goes with everything!
    been a customer, btw , for over 10 years

  126. Linda said on :

    Make more items available in the go fish patterns Thank you

  127. Nancy said on :

    Why am I not logged in to the contest.

  128. JOANN SOMMER said on :


  129. Virginia H said on :

    Everything is beautiful. I’ve also raised my twin girls as Vera Bradley fans. Thanks for the post.

  130. Agustina Mezzano said on :

    When do they announce who won???

  131. Maryanne said on :

    ♡ the turtle pattern, pretty cool the my bday is world turtle day too!

  132. Lezlie said on :

    Love Vera

  133. Peggy Davis said on :

    Would love to win.I love Vera Bradley I carry her every day!

  134. Maria said on :

    How do we know who won?

  135. Alyssa said on :

    When do we find out the winners?

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