The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist for Expecting Moms

Mother’s Day is just days away and we have moms on the mind! If you’re an expecting mom, this one’s for you! As a company founded by women, for women, we know how daunting it can be in those last few weeks before your due date. Between getting the nursery ready and reading that one parenting book you swore you would finish by the end of your second trimester, the last thing on your mind is what to actually bring with you to the hospital. We tapped a few Vera Bradley associates and moms to get their pro tips on assembling the perfect hospital bag for when it’s go-time!

the bag


You and Dad-to-Be may be going to the hospital just the two of you, but you’ll be leaving with a bundle of joy (plus their car seat, diaper bag and other goodies the hospital gives you). Our advice is to choose just one large bag to pack both your and Dad’s essentials in to minimize the amount you bring there. The Iconic Grand Weekender Travel Bag is incredibly spacious to fit everything you’ll need.


the essentials


Hanging Organizer

This Iconic Hanging Travel Organizer will be a lifesaver for keeping all of your toiletries in one place. With several zippered compartments, you can easily fit your basic toiletries, hair ties, make-up (if you’re motivated), toothbrush, toothpaste and hand sanitizer!


Packing Cubes

Keep the new Dad’s clothes separated from your own with our compressible packing cubes. You’ll save space and time, since you won’t have to spend time searching for what you need. We recommend designating a separate packing cube for your post-baby essentials — nursing tops and bras, extra pajamas and undergarments.


Throw Blanket

If you end up spending a little more time in the hospital than planned, Dad can expect to be making the hospital couch his new bed for a few days. A cozy and soft throw blanket can definitely make it more comfortable!


Ditty Bag

The Ditty Bag has one hundred uses, but one of its best purposes is for keeping worn clothes separate from clean ones. You’ll definitely want to pack one or two of these.


Small Cosmetic Bag

Our cosmetic bags are great for keeping small items separated for easy access. Throw all of your charging cords inside and toss in in your Weekender to eliminate unneeded stress.



In the chaos of getting ready to go to the hospital, it’s easy to forget the most obvious essentials. We recommend switching over into an All in One Crossbody in the weeks leading up to your due date, putting your ID and insurance cards inside. This crossbody transitions into a wristlet or wallet with ease, so you can just pop the strap off and drop it into your hospital bag for go-time.


Footwear Options

No one wants to walk barefoot around a hospital, so toss in a pair of socks or slippers! For the shower, bring a pair of flip-flops! You’ll thank us later.


Pain Reliever

This one is for Dad! When you’re at the hospital, if he gets a headache, the nurses legally can’t give him anything for it since he’s not a patient. Bring a travel-size bottle of pain reliever, just in case!



Not everyone has a quick labor, so you may find that you have a lot of down time before baby arrives. Bring an iPad or your favorite book to keep you entertained and pass the time.



the extras


Bath Towels

When we asked our VB mamas what they wish they would have brought, there was an overwhelming consensus on bringing your own bath towels. Most hospital bath towels are pretty small and thin, so a lot of moms here were so thankful when they brought their own!



Some hospitals have better cafeteria food than others, so if you’re a picky eater, definitely pack a few snacks!



If you like to be super organized, bring a folder to the hospital with you to help keep the birth and hospital documents neat.



If your pajamas aren’t complete without your comfy robe, then bring it along! You’re going to want to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible after the baby arrives, so help your cause by being prepared.


Dry Shampoo

You won’t get to shower right away after having the baby, so if you’re wanting to look as Insta-ready as possible for your baby arrival picture, dry shampoo will be your best friend.


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