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Moms On the Go

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we certainly have moms on the mind. Whether you’re a mother yourself, an expecting first-time mom or are shopping for a mama in your life, we have the perfect styles to fit any mom’s needs. What styles are best for a mother? That depends! New mothers have different needs than moms with grown children, but regardless of the mom, they all should be celebrated! We chatted with three Vera Bradley associates who also happen to be super moms to learn what they pack in their mom bags and tips for mamas on the go.

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new mom

favorite mom bag:

lighten up grand backpack in superbloom sketch


“This Lighten Up Backpack is a MUST for new moms. It’s water-resistant, can pack full of everything you need and it’s super cute!”


“Moms need to be hands-free at all times because you never know where those little ones are going to be crawling around or getting into.”


“Being a mom means you’re wearing all of your emotions pretty much out in the open at all times.”



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mom of young children

favorite mom bag:

large stroll around diaper bag in indio


“This [Large] Stroll Around Baby Bag has been the biggest lifesaver . . . I’m able to pack in at least two to three changes of outfits for each child and still have space to add in an extra oversized scarf . . . for me in case there’s a mess.”


“What I love most about this bag are the stroller attachments . . . Just hook it on to the stroller and go — and it does not tip over!”


“The best thing about being a mom is the fact that I always have someone to come home to that is actually smiling at me no matter what has gone on in my day — it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth!”


“I always carry around the Zip ID Case and Mallory Accordion Wristlet [for myself]. These are great and easy to transition from a purse to the baby bag.”



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mom of grown kids

favorite mom bag:

iconic vera tote in superbloom


“Being a mom means being patient, always being there to listen and never judging.”


“I love the All in One Crossbody because it holds everything I need — my phone, credit card, money and I can just throw it in my Vera Tote.”


“I love the Iconic Vera Tote for road trips when I go see my kids at college. It has great pockets so it keeps everything organized. My favorite thing . . . is that it has this great top zip so when it’s in the car and falls over, nothing spills out.”


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the ditty bag: a universal favorite



“This Ditty Bag is a must-have to put inside my diaper bag. When she has a little accident, I just take the clothes, put them in here, cinch it up and we’re good to go!” — Anna


“Whenever I have something wet or dirty that I just want to put away in a different compartment, the Ditty Bag’s water-resistant lining has been a lifesaver!” — Nkonye


“I can throw it over my shoulder, go into yoga class [and] after class throw the smelly clothes in, throw it in my bag and everything else stays fresh!” — Melisa


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Wondering which style is best for the mom in your life? Comment below and we’ll give our top suggestions!

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