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 With warmer weather around the corner, we can’t stop planning our next getaway! Between the recent launch of our new rolling luggage collection and learning about Lauren of Lake Shore Lady’s travel essentials, all that’s left to do is book the trip! We believe that no matter how often you travel, you can always learn something new from another seasoned traveler’s experiences and preferences. We went straight to the pros (travel pros, that is) to learn the best-of-the-best packing and travel tips. These four lifestyle and travel bloggers have racked up thousands of frequent flyer miles and have the expert insight to prove it. We rounded up their top tips so you can travel like a blogger, too.




“I’ll never forget my first set of luggage . . . I received a set of matching black luggage when I graduated college. Who knew that everyone else also traveled with black luggage that was similar in shape and size? There have been so many occasions where my luggage has been mistaken for someone else’s or vice versa. Not to mention, it’s never easy to spot a black suitcase at baggage claim. I’ve learned over the years that it is best to have a suitcase that stands out and is not easily mistaken for someone else’s. That’s why I love Vera Bradley’s colorful and bold travel pieces like the Abstract Blocks Iconic Large Spinner. This suitcase is high quality, spacious and has a unique bold print. Plus, it is super cute and who doesn’t love traveling in style? I know I do!”

“If you have the tendency to go a little crazy with souvenirs (guilty!), pack an extra duffel! Choose a bag that folds flat, like the Iconic Large Duffel Travel Bag, to avoid scrambling to fit everything into random shopping bags.”

“Every woman needs a hanging travel organizer! I use my Hanging Travel Organizer to pack all my lotion, hair products and makeup. The pockets are clear, so you can easily find whatever you need (even at a rest stop or airport bathroom)!”



Cedar & Rush

“When flying, get dropped off at the LAST gate of your terminal. You’ll get smaller crowds and shorter lines, which makes for a quicker check in. Everyone typically goes to the first gate so it’s more congested and chaotic.”

“Pack your biggest items first and your smallest items last. It’s proven you can fit more into a space using this technique. The Weekender contains a lot of pockets and compartments that allow you to maximize your packing and stay organized.”



Darling Down South

“My number one travel tip is all about planning! I am a HUGE planner when it comes to vacation itineraries. Does anyone remember the “clipboard of fun” from Full House where Danny makes the entire family adhere to his schedule? That’s basically me without the clipboard and (I would like to think) my itineraries are pretty fun! When it comes to planning I try to account for each day’s weather and plan my activities accordingly. You never know when your beach day may be thwarted by the ominous 40% chance of rain. By planning for both activities and weather, you’ll be able to determine which items are worth the weight in your bag”

“I like keeping my beach products, like sunscreen and aloe, separate from my regular toiletries because I don’t want to risk the chance of sand cross-contamination! I love this transparent Beach Cosmetic for holding my beach essentials because it’s easy to rinse out afterward!”

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Are you traveling for spring break? Our resident travel pro and Design Manager, Renee, shared her best tips for packing light for your spring break trip. If you’re not sure what bag is best for your trip, take our quick and easy travel quiz!

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