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 As the weather heats up, we have vacation on the mind. Although we consider ourselves to be savvy travelers, we’re always open to a new packing or travel tip! Since she has several exciting trips planned in the coming months, we chatted with Lauren Nolan of Lake Shore Lady to find out what she’s packing and her top travel tips!


Blog: Lake Shore Lady

City: Chicago, Illinois

Favorite Travel Bag: Small Hardside Spinner

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you started Lake Shore Lady!

“I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, but when it came time to go to college, I headed straight for the East Coast! I got a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University and I couldn’t wait to make my move to New York City. After graduation, I promptly moved to the Upper West Side and lived there for about three years. While New York will always have a special place in my heart, I realized I was 25 years old and unhappy, so something needed to change. I packed my bags and moved into a studio apartment on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago! While I loved being closer to family, most of the important people in my life were now halfway across the country. Since I like to be productive, I realized I needed a passion project — something to help me feel less lonely, that could also help me channel my creative energy. Thus, Lake Shore Lady was born.”


Do you blog full-time?

“Along with running Lake Shore Lady, I also work in marketing for a business-to-business company. It’s a lot to juggle, but I recently cut back to part-time, which has been life changing!”


Let’s talk travel! What upcoming trips do you have planned?

“I am SO excited to take my new luggage with me on a few really fun trips this year! First, I’m kicking off March with a weekend in Charleston — my first time! After that, we’re celebrating my boyfriend’s 30th birthday in the mountains in Colorado. Then in May, we’re going abroad to Finland and Estonia! I’ve been saying that I want to travel more for so long and I feel really lucky to finally be at a place in my life where I can just grab my cute luggage and explore!”



So fun! You mentioned your new luggage — tell us why you love it.

“Fun fact: I hate checking my bags. I’m not kidding — I avoid it at ALL costs, which is why a carry-on bag is perfect for me! Not only is this Small Hardside Spinner cute, but also it’s deceivingly spacious inside. There are great mesh compartments that zip to keep your packed items in place. I also love the hard exterior to protect my belongings in the chaos of the airport. This may seem like a silly thing to get excited about, but I love the TSA-compliant lock and swivel wheels! These simple perks make a huge difference when I travel!”



Do you typically pack an entire trip into just one bag?

“Well, I’ve realized how important a good “personal item” bag can be, especially when I need to bring my computer with me. This Iconic Weekender Travel Bag has enough room for my favorite hanging organizer, a laptop, water bottle, book, iPad and more!”



Do you have any essentials that you pack for every trip?

“Yes! You have to get through the plane ride first, right? I usually pack a book with high hopes of reading. . .but I always download a few episodes of my current favorite show on Netflix for my iPad to keep me entertained — totally a guilty pleasure! I also always have mints, hand sanitizer and my water bottle everywhere I go. Those are non-negotiable for me, especially now that airports have water stations! If I need to look cute when I land, having my rosebud salve, matte foundation, concealer and a brush make freshening up in the bathroom a bit easier!”



Before we let you go, can you share a few of your top packing tips?

“I’ll admit, I’m prone to overpacking! But, if I really need to reel it in, making a list always helps. Plan your outfits and exactly which accessories you need — don’t pack any more or any less. I also try to limit the amount of shoes I bring since those can take up so much space! Last but not least, I love bringing my mini steamer so I don’t have to stress about wrinkled clothes, especially since I roll most of them (which is a great way to save space, too)!”




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We love her travel style — and her travel tips! We can’t say that we’re not prone to overpacking from time to time either! Need a new travel bag? Meet our new Rolling Luggage Collection. Take our quiz to find out what is the best travel bag for you.

What is your best travel tip? Share below in the comments!

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    My tip is to check the weather where you are going so you can bring the right clothes. 😀

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