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Tips for Spring Break:
Travel Like a Pro

With spring break around the corner, we have sunny skies and sandy beaches on the mind. If you spent the last few weeks planning out the details of your spring break getaway, all that’s left for you to do is pack! Let’s be honest — packing can be a stressful activity between trying to decide what’s essential, planning for the weather and making everything fit in your luggage.

We tapped Design Manager and resident travel expert, Renee, to share her spring break packing list and tips for packing a carry-on. From a mini cosmetic used to keep your chargers neat to the beach bag that can double as a carry-on, Renee can teach us all a thing or two about traveling like a pro.

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“These essential packing cubes keep me organized for different outfits, different nights — whatever I want! They fit so perfectly into my carry-on.”


“There are 101 ways to use a Ditty Bag, but when I’m traveling, I always throw my shoes in to keep them separate. It’s also great for dirty clothes or a wet swimming suit on your way home!”


“The Iconic Vera Tote’s padded straps make it comfortable for running through the airport!”


“I always pack all of my toiletries in a clear cosmetic. I can also bring this to the beach to keep my phone, sunscreen and essentials safe.”

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If you’re planning a long vacation, see how to pack a carry-on for a two-week trip and use our handy packing checklist. Wondering what bag is best for your trip? Take our travel quiz to find out!


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