Find the Best Travel Bag
for Your Trip: Quiz

Where are you going? How long will you be there? What transportation are you using to get there? There are so many questions to ask yourself when packing for your next trip, how do you choose which luggage is the best to bring? We’re glad you asked. Take this quiz to discover which bag belongs with you on your next getaway.


My dream vacation:

A. Hiking and adventure

B. Exploring a new-to-me city

C. Relaxing on a beach


My packing style:

A. Throw everything in the night before and go

B. Make a packing list and check it twice – everything has its place

C. Packing cubes are lifesavers – the more I can fit the better


For my journey:

A. Carry-on compliant

B. Checked bag

C. One of each please!


The length of my trip:

A. It doesn’t matter, I’ll pack the same no matter what

B. 3 – 5 days

C. 6 – 9 days


I can’t leave home without:

A. My comfortable tennis shoes

B. iPad and chargers – gotta stay connected!

C. All of my hair and makeup essentials

which travel bag is perfect for you?

Mostly A’s

Wheeled Carry-On

Your adventurous spirit and low maintenance packing strategy make the Wheeled Carry-On the best bag for your next getaway. It has a separate compartment for your shoes and is durable enough for your active lifestyle. Its small size is ideal for carrying it on the plane, train or wherever your adventure takes you!

Mostly B’s

Small Hardside Spinner

Small Hardside Spinner

All Gifts

Bridal Party


Mother's Day

Rolling Luggage

All of your friends want you to pack for them. In fact, we were wondering if you could pack for us? Meet your dream luggage, the Small Hardside Spinner. It’s small enough to carry on a plane, but large enough to fit everything on your packing list. Store it in the overhead compartment or check it at the gate and know that it’s sturdy enough to withstand baggage claim.

Mostly C’s

Lighten Up Large Foldable Roller

Lighten Up Large Foldable Roller


Mother's Day

Rolling Luggage

There’s no such thing as over-packing, right? The Lighten Up Large Foldable Roller will fit all eight pairs of shoes and 15 outfit changes (we don’t judge). Space saving trick: when you arrive at your destination, unpack and fold it down to fit under the bed.

Shop the bag that belongs with you and explore even more travel options!

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    I am looking for a Jewelry Organizer for my travels. I have looked at your Ultimate Jewelry Organizer and the jewelry case. I like the Organizer. I love the way you can hang it up to see almost everything in the bag. (when traveling you don’t always get somewhere to lay down your stuff but can almost always find someplace to hang thing up to see everything at a glance) makes for faster dressing in the morning when you don’t get much time. The Organizer has two big pouches to hold necklaces but you can’t see them at a glance. I was wondering if you could replace one of the bottom pouches for snap straps/hooks to string necklaces. Also, it would be nice to have some clear zipper pouches for bangles. the clear zippers are great for earnings and small stuff. I travel quite a bit and travel from anywhere from one week to three. After about one week I like to get some variety but don’t want to use my space in my suitcase/ carry on for something bulky. I am looking for something to keep me organized, practical , easy and convenient. Thank you for listening. Love your stuff. When I travel I use quite a bit of your travel items to keep me organized. Love all the pockets in many of your travel bags and love how you added the pocket for a water bottle on your Weekender and Deluxe weekender. Thanks again for the small improvements to help traveling easier.

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