How to Conquer Your Resolutions in 2018

We always love the start of a new year. The New Year allows us to refocus and prioritize what is most important for the next chapter. For us, it’s not about recreating ourselves or trying to be something different — but rather committing to being the best version of ourselves. Whether you have several resolutions set or just one goal to focus on, we want to help you. From health and fitness to organization and travel, these styles will help you conquer any goal in 2018.

organization goals

The chaos of the holidays often leaves us feeling cluttered, so we turn to these styles to keep us organized. Our favorite style for staying organized is the Agenda. You can plan out your weeks ahead of time, track your goals and manage priorities all in one place. We also find that writing something down helps us to stick to it because there is no greater satisfaction than crossing something off your to-do list!

For de-cluttering your space, there are a few styles we recommend. Our Hanging Travel Organizer isn’t just for road trips — it’s perfect for hanging in your closet to organize accessories such as belts, jewelry or hair-ties. The Iconic Large Blush and Brush Case is a great way to clean up your bathroom. Store your makeup and beauty essentials inside instead of on the counter.


It’s not surprising that the most common New Year’s resolution is around health and fitness. After loading up on caramel hot cocoas (with extra marshmallows) and all of the holiday cookies the past few weeks, it makes sense that health is top of mind in January. If you’re looking to switch up your fitness routine, you need a bag that can keep up with your frequent trips to the gym and yoga studio. Our Lighten Up Ultimate Gym Bag is spacious enough to fit an entire outfit change but small enough to fit into a gym locker. Did we mention it has a separate compartment just for your shoes?


Whether you’re incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet or cutting back on eating out, you’re bound to be in good company since most people will be setting health goals for the year. We find that one of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy diet is to pack your lunch for work. Meal planning and thoughtful prepping make a huge difference in practicing healthy habits. Our Lunch Sack is just the right size, with a wipeable lining for easy clean up.


If you have a serious case of wanderlust, you’ll need travel essentials for your upcoming trips. A travel set is not complete without a carry-on, rolling luggage, space-saving packing cubes and cosmetics to keep it all organized. The Iconic Weekender is the perfect carry-on with a padded shoulder strap and plenty of pockets to keep everything organized. The back trolley sleeve can easily slip over your rolling luggage for easy transport. Keep your travel necessities safe and neat with our cosmetic cases. Don’t forget a passport cover so you can always travel in style.

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