How-to: Style Your Bedroom

There are few things as satisfying as redecorating your home. Even updating the smallest spaces with new artwork or fresh paint can instantly improve your mood. We believe outfitting your home to match your personality is just as important as outfitting yourself, which is one of the key reasons we launched our Home Collection last month. From bright patterns to modern designs, our bedding was made to add some style and comfort to your home.

Bedrooms are unique spaces in your home since they require relaxation. It can be a tricky balance of adding personality, without giving too much visual stimulation, which can hinder your REM cycle. We wanted to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to styling your most personal space, so we went straight to the source. Stylist, hostess and self-proclaimed “homebody,” Kelley Nan, is an expert in entertaining and decorating. She shared with us her top tips for styling a bedroom and why our collection works for both pattern-lovers and minimalists.

“While you may think Vera Bradley’s bedding collection is best reserved for colorful personalities, you’ll quickly change your mind when you see the variety available. From bold to calming, their new line appeals to all styles and ages. But, what about those who gravitate toward neutrals in their home? (Raising my hand high over here!) My simple solution — add a little white! This technique works with any of their new styles, and I bet you may even have some things on hand! What exactly does pairing patterns back to white do? There are three key reasons I recommend pairing patterned bedding with white.


the patterns will pop

It sounds counterproductive to add white to make something more colorful, but trust me it’s not! If you pair a vibrant quilt and shams with a bit of white, it will enhance the presence of color. You can more clearly see where patterns begin and end, and it will give your entire bed a custom look. They say if you want something you stand out, you outline it. Mixing in a few white pieces works the same way by drawing attention to the pieces you’re showcasing.


Mixing and matching gives you endless options

Coordinating with complementary pieces rather than using the same print for everything will help to avoid the bed-in-a-bag look. Mixing and matching are the names of the game. By incorporating a bit of white as your backdrop, you can switch quilts seasonally (or whenever the mood strikes) for an updated, fresh look. While my bedroom currently is showcasing the Nadya Collection, I could easily switch the quilt out to Traveler Floral in the summer or the Swedish Floral Turquoise Collection in the spring. As a bonus, the Nadya Quilt has an adorable reverse side with polka dots — I can fold it down for more subtle coordination and a break in the pattern.


Bring on the serenity

Bringing in some white will make even the boldest patterns more serene for a peaceful night’s sleep. The Maybe Navy Collection showcases a gorgeous, vibrant, large-scale floral print, but by adding some white sheets, you can take it from “tropical adventure” to “island oasis.”

What is the best way to add white? I recommend starting with your sheets. Next, look at the backdrop of the bed. For my bed, I added large, euro-shams to accentuate the paisley print on the king shams. You can mix in some subtle pattern with throw pillows, but if you stick to white, try using different textures to add interest!”


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