3 S’mores Recipes
You Need to Try

Coming off of National Watermelon Day and National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day earlier this month, you likely thought the sweet holidays were over for August. Don’t turn off your sweet tooth just yet, because our favorite treat of all has its own day to shine: today is National S’mores Day, and we’re celebrating by sharing our own favorite recipes. These are no ordinary s’mores — our three recipes are modern twists on the classic favorite that will have you wanting to try one (or two) of each version.

Let’s get started with your campfire essentials. We always begin with a Market Tote or lunch bag for outdoor events since they’re both lightweight, durable and easy to clean. In addition to your ingredients, don’t forget skewers and a cozy Throw Blanket for chilly summer nights.

Double Chocolate Caramel S’mores

There are few combinations quite like the marriage of chocolate and caramel. Build this s’more variation the same as you typically would, swapping out your chocolate squares for something caramel-filled. Double the cocoa with chocolate graham crackers for an extra-rich treat.


Chocolate graham crackers
Chocolate covered caramels

White Chocolate Raspberry S’mores

Infuse your s’mores with fruit in this sweet and tart flavor mix. Spread a spoonful of raspberry jam on your graham cracker before adding the chocolate and marshmallow for an unexpected fruity kick.


Graham crackers
White chocolate squares
Raspberry jam

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter S’mores

Nothing makes a mouth water faster than peanut butter. Mix creamy peanut butter with a rich, dark chocolate for a bold flavor combo. Add a peanut butter cup for the ultimate upgrade on a campfire fave.


Graham crackers
Dark chocolate peanut butter cups

Which variation are you excited to try first? Do you have a special go-to s’more recipe?

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