Teacher Picks: Best Work Bags

The beginning of August always signals the end of summer and the beginning of the new year — school-year, that is. Whether you’re heading back yourself or just love to refresh your wardrobe and desk accessories for fall, August always seems to spark the creative, organizational energy in us. When you think of school shopping, students typically come to mind — but what about the teachers? Teachers (AKA — real life superheroes) need a bag that can get them from Monday morning to the long-awaited 3:30 bell Friday afternoon. We wanted to know what exactly makes a great teacher bag, so we chatted with three teachers to learn what bag they carry and what features are important to get them through the school week.


Subject: 8th-grade English
City: San Francisco, CA
Favorite bag: Hadley Tote

“As a teacher, I’m always looking for a bag that is durable, reliable, functional and cute! With all of the materials I’m lugging back and forth from school, it’s really important that the straps can withstand the heavy weight of a laptop, books and more. The Hadley Tote is the perfect teacher bag because it ticks all of those boxes — it’s durable, has plenty of pockets to hold pens, post-it notes and binder clips, and it’s stylish. I also love that I can wash it should I happen to spill something. It really is the quintessential teacher bag!


here & now
Subject: 6th-grade Engineering
City: Denver, CO
Favorite bag: Laptop Messenger Bag

“As a middle school teacher, my perfect workbag would resemble the one Mary Poppins carried, but in lieu of that, I look for pockets, function and of course, how it looks. If I’m going to carry it every day, it has to pop with my teacher outfits. The Laptop Messenger Bag is perfect for teachers because it has a pocket for everything, so nothing gets lost in the abyss! I love the padded laptop compartment, stylish yet durable fabric and the surprise interior print — it makes me smile every time I lift the flap! Vera Bradley truly marries form and function in this bag, so I can be a better teacher when everything is perfectly organized.”


Subject: Dance
City: Dallas, TX
Favorite bag: Lighten Up Grand Backpack

“I’m constantly on-the-go, so it’s super important for me to have something to carry around that can keep everything organized. As a dance teacher, I want a bag I can always depend on, that’s versatile and can hold a lot of items from binders and choreography notes to music, shoes and layering pieces. Cramming all of this into a small tote bag can be nearly impossible, not to mention bad for my back! I love my new Lighten Up Grand Backpack since it can carry everything I need and keep it all organized. There are many small pockets where you can keep an ID, phone, charger and anything you would typically keep in your purse. I can’t wait for the new year to start so I can use this every day!”


Calling all Teachers! What is your favorite teacher bag? Share below in the comments!

Hadley Tote Bag

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Laptop Messenger

Crossbody Bags

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Lighten Up Grand Backpack


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Laptop Bags

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  1. Yasin said on :

    I like the second teachers bags its look and I will buy it for my teacher thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Teri said on :

    I love my Get Carried Away Tote! It holds everything down to my lunch bag & purse!

  3. Sara said on :

    I am a high school teacher and I carry the Vera. It’s definitely big enough for my laptop, tablet, papers, pens, and my medium cosmetic. My favorite part is the very strong and slightly longer straps than other bags.

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