How-to: Be a Better Bridesmaid

With wedding season in full force, weekends book up with bachelorette parties, bridal showers and of course, the big day. You’re at the age where everyone and their sister is getting engaged or married, so your calendar is completely filled with every wedding-related event. You’ve gone to a few bachelorette parties and attended dozens of weddings, but now it’s your time to serve as a bridesmaid for your best girlfriend. Being a bridesmaid can seem like all fun and games, but it’s actually a lot of work, too. It’s no secret that the big day is all about the bride, so it’s your job to keep her happy and stress-free. We chatted with ten-time bridesmaid veteran, Anna, to get tips on being a better bridesmaid and what to avoid in order to make the bride happy.


job title: social media manager

# of times as a bridesmaid: 10

# of times as a maid of honor: 2

favorite part of being a bridesmaid: getting to spend the entire day with my girlfriend on the best day of her life


How do you prepare to be a bridesmaid? What do you bring with you to better help you assist the bride?

“I make sure I have extras of anything in my cosmetic bag — bobby pins, tissues, nail polish, nail files, mints, lipstick, hair spray, etc. If the bride doesn’t need it, one of your fellow bridesmaids will. In one wedding, the bride really disliked her hair, and we all had to rally around her and fix it right before she walked down the aisle. We used all of my bobby pins, a curling iron and some stronghold hairspray.”



What is the biggest thing you’ve learned about being a bridesmaid from your experience?

“Be prepared for anything! From comforting the bride-to-be to mediating a conflict between bridesmaids, I’ve had to play a lot of different roles during the wedding process. It’s a fun job, but can be physically and emotionally draining to be someone’s right-hand woman on the biggest day of her life!”


What are three things that make a great bridesmaid?

“1. Always be punctual. The last thing a bride needs to worry about is when you are going to show up to her rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, wedding and reception.

2. Try to stay positive, no matter what. This is the biggest time of her life, so she will get stressed and maybe even become a bridezilla at times. Try to keep your complaints about the $200 dress or the fact that you have to take off work again for a bachelorette party to a minimum. She will do the same for you when your time comes.

3. Always ask how you can help. The bride may not need help, but the fact you are asking her lets her know you are there and that you care about her.”



What should a bridesmaid NEVER do?

“NEVER complain about the other people in the wedding party. Whether the mother-in-law is driving everyone crazy, or one of the bridesmaids is a total diva, just keep comments to yourself. The bride is allowed to complain, but you are not.”



Are you a semi-professional bridesmaid over the summer, too?

Share your top bridesmaid tips below!


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