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Last year was a special Mother’s Day for blogger Kelly of Kelly in the City: she had announced that she would soon become a first-time mom, with her mother becoming a first-time grandmother! Kelly and her mom took over the blog to share a little about their relationship and their favorite Mother’s Day gifts.

One year later, we’re following up with Kelly just in time for her first Mother’s Day as a new mom to the adorable Emma. She’s dishing on everything from her lifestyle as a mother to the baby bag every new mom needs.

What has surprised you most about motherhood?

“I’m surprised by how much I love it! Being a mom is demanding and I’m faced with new challenges every day — but I can’t get over how much more fulfilled I feel. I’m still the same person I’ve always been, but I have more purpose in my life and my world has been filled with an indescribable amount of love. I’m also surprised by how little sleep I can get by with!”

What bags are essential for a new mom?

“I love the Stroll Around Baby Bag and Ditty Bag because they are both functional, yet stylish. Over my eight months of motherhood, I’ve found that most ‘mommy gear’ is one or the other, but Vera Bradley does an amazing job blending the two. As I carry Vera Bradley bags all the time, these bags fit my style — and now my new lifestyle. I also just adore the new Santiago pattern. I wear a lot of navy and this print complements my outfits!”

How can the right bag make life easier as a mom?

“The Stroll Around Baby Bag and matching Ditty Bag have made my life as a new mom SO much easier! The insides are fully lined with laminate, which means that spills are no longer devastating like they used to be. The baby bag also attaches to the back of the stroller and can slide in and out of the undercarriage basket very easily! I also love how many mesh pockets it has — I’ve never been so organized! There’s truly a place for everything.”

What is the one item you can’t leave the house without?

“A changing pad. Before we got the Stroll Around Baby Bag, I was constantly forgetting it. There’s simply nothing worse than dealing with dirty diapers without your gear! Now, the changing pad is always in its place and it’s essentially impossible for me to leave the house without it.”

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We’re so glad the mom life is treating Kelly well! To keep up with Kelly and Emma’s adventures in the city, follow @kellyinthecity on Instagram.


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    Please please have some new patterns for the backpack diaper bag. I really want this style bag!!!

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